See humanity after the ebb tide

  In the summer, I went to Japan with the group and the tour guide Tanaka received us. Hokkaido has retreated, and Tanaka led us to the beach, where many people gathered in the bow and squid. Everyone came to the party and joined them. You picked up a salmon. I caught a tuna and quickly filled a bucket of fish.

  Sitting side by side, everyone talked about how to process the live fish and make them a delicious feast. Just as we talked about it, Tanaka suddenly interjected: “Do you think these fish are the same as the fish on the table? They are not caught because of gluttony.”

  I looked at Tanaka inexplicably and asked: “Isn’t it all fish, what is the difference?”

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I want to speak

  In 1992, a 12-year-old Canadian girl raised her own money to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and asked to speak at the upcoming UN summit. In just 5 minutes, her speech made the leaders, scientists and other important figures sitting in the audience, some showing a sly expression, some seem to be hit, some began to shed tears, more people bowed They can’t look directly at the girl’s clear eyes…

  Hello everyone, I am Shan Wen Suzuki, representing ECO – focusing on environmental children’s organizations.

  We are a couple of 12-year-old Canadian children: Vanessa, Morgan Michelle and me. We raised our own money and traveled 5000 miles to tell you about adults. You have to change. I am here today to fight for our future.

  Losing my future is not like losing a campaign or losing some points on the stock market. I am here for all future generations.

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The last chapter

  Although I was away from home, my heart was deeply in love with my parents. In a foreign land, the most unpleasant thing is that the parents are not in good health. When parents are older, their attachment to them is gradually becoming uneasy. Especially the phone, if you don’t call at a fixed time, you will worry – just like this one.

  At the beginning, my mother told her father that she was ill on the phone. I still have no special feelings. I only care about it and I am not worried. His father has always been tough, and his symptoms are only fever and cough. The mother’s tone is nothing more than a gossip.

  A month later, my father was still having a fever. Burning without reason is definitely not normal. But there are two small children around me who have their own academic lives and can’t ship them as luggage. The suspense of when the heart hangs at both ends and when it flies back becomes an anxiety.

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Secret of love

  My friend told me three stories like this.

  The first story is very beautiful: in the hospital ward, lying on a dying patient, at the last moment of the world, he extended the old hand to the vowed wife, thanking her for being half-finished for herself for half a century. Care. He knew that he would soon embark on the road of Huang Quan. In order to repay her true feelings and to appease his own soul, he decided to tell her a secret buried deep in the heart. However, without waiting for him to tell the secret, his old wife gently pressed his hand to his mouth. She said, “I don’t need to listen to the secret of love. In my opinion, the secret of the greatest love is We met and fell in love with each other, and we walked through the 50 years of wind and rain with our hands…” The husband was moved to tears, and finally left the world with the eternal secret.

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American heroes

  A US company teamed up with the media to investigate the people and select the 20 heroes in your heart with the title “Who is the hero in your heart.” The results of the selection are: Jesus Christ, current Secretary of State Powell, former President Kennedy, Lincoln, Clinton, and ten of them “heroes in life”, although we do not know their names, but their “hero feat” Very intriguing, let us know:

  There is a soldier named Hugh Thompson who joined the army to fight in Vietnam in 1967. In order to protect the nine Vietnamese civilians from the US military encirclement, he pointed his gun at his comrades: “You shoot, I also shoot.” “His behavior was blamed and officially investigated at the time, but later the Pentagon granted him the Vietnam War medal. He ranked second in the “Heroes in Life” ranking.

  Another soldier who also participated in the Vietnam War, called John McCays, has been in Vietnam for six years since 1967, but he has not been killed on the battlefield for six years, but he has stayed in the Vietnamese prison camp. in. It is such a prisoner of war who, after returning to China, not only received the courtesy of the hero, but also became a “cadre” (going to the political arena). He ranked sixth in the rankings.

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