American heroes

  A US company teamed up with the media to investigate the people and select the 20 heroes in your heart with the title “Who is the hero in your heart.” The results of the selection are: Jesus Christ, current Secretary of State Powell, former President Kennedy, Lincoln, Clinton, and ten of them “heroes in life”, although we do not know their names, but their “hero feat” Very intriguing, let us know:

  There is a soldier named Hugh Thompson who joined the army to fight in Vietnam in 1967. In order to protect the nine Vietnamese civilians from the US military encirclement, he pointed his gun at his comrades: “You shoot, I also shoot.” “His behavior was blamed and officially investigated at the time, but later the Pentagon granted him the Vietnam War medal. He ranked second in the “Heroes in Life” ranking.

  Another soldier who also participated in the Vietnam War, called John McCays, has been in Vietnam for six years since 1967, but he has not been killed on the battlefield for six years, but he has stayed in the Vietnamese prison camp. in. It is such a prisoner of war who, after returning to China, not only received the courtesy of the hero, but also became a “cadre” (going to the political arena). He ranked sixth in the rankings.

  Another one is the black lady, named Rosa Parks. On December 1, 1955, Parks got off work in a crowded bus. She was sitting on a white seat and refused to give up a rude white man. She was therefore taken to court. Later, a national black people’s rights movement was launched. She is ranked ninth in the rankings.

  I must admit that my list above is selective. For the American citizens, there are also “heroes in the fire” and “lonely heroes” on the battlefield. After all, the above heroes can stand out from thousands of heroes and rank among the heroes.

  In modern civilized society, the concept of heroism should have a strong human color and humanistic color. The above-mentioned heroes who are respected by Americans have such characteristics. Although the young Thompson was obeyed by the state and engaged in combat against the Vietnamese, he did not regard himself as a machine of war, but he was brave in the war, but he looked at war from the perspective of humanity and humanity. The purpose of war is for peace. The purpose of peace is for the safety of human life. The harm to the life of any innocent person on the battlefield is contrary to the purpose of war. His thinking broke the narrow patriotism, broke the secular war concept, and had a strong spiritual appeal.

  According to the narrow view of heroes, McKay seems to be no hero. He did not sacrifice his bombs to block the guns, nor did he take a bundle of grenades or blasting tubes to endanger the enemy. He was just a captive soldier. In many people’s minds, being a prisoner of war in a day is a shame in life and a hero.

  In comparison, I prefer a rational, humanized view of the hero, rather than dedication, righteousness, and heroism. Although dedication is a hero, you must not think that only dedication is a hero. If you take life to win a hero title, it is tantamount to telling people to die as Mr. Lu Xun said.

  Gently tell you:

  A hero is a personality, not an act. Heroes should be thoughtful, happy, and happy.

  If the hero is only tragic and fierce, it is tantamount to advocating death.

  Heroes should have diversity standards, limited responsibilities, unlimited contributions; pursuing truth, upholding truth; challenging themselves, surpassing themselves; not living in front of good goals, etc., isn’t it a hero?