Secret of love

  My friend told me three stories like this.

  The first story is very beautiful: in the hospital ward, lying on a dying patient, at the last moment of the world, he extended the old hand to the vowed wife, thanking her for being half-finished for herself for half a century. Care. He knew that he would soon embark on the road of Huang Quan. In order to repay her true feelings and to appease his own soul, he decided to tell her a secret buried deep in the heart. However, without waiting for him to tell the secret, his old wife gently pressed his hand to his mouth. She said, “I don’t need to listen to the secret of love. In my opinion, the secret of the greatest love is We met and fell in love with each other, and we walked through the 50 years of wind and rain with our hands…” The husband was moved to tears, and finally left the world with the eternal secret.

  The second story happened a long time ago. A city resident often fights with residents of another city, and has not won every year. The two cities are located in the highlands and the other in the depression. The city’s heads on the high grounds came up with a heart-rending and fascinating way to open the reservoirs of the highlands. As a result, it can be imagined that the cities in the depression were trapped by the floods and destined to perish. The reservoir opened and the sound of crying was heard. Seeing such a tragic situation, the besieged people made a humane gesture and sent ships to save the watermen. However, there were not many ships dispatched, they could only accommodate a very small number of people. Their heads like women, so they can only let women Go on board and ask to bring only one of your favorite things. Some bring their own jade bracelets; some bring their own gold and silver jewelry; some bring their own bronze mirrors… They want to keep their lives and not lose their property. Only one woman shouldered her husband and struggled to get on the boat. A soldier blocked: “On the ship, only women are allowed, and men are not allowed to be transported.” The woman said, “This is my favorite thing.” The soldier was speechless and had to let her go on board. The only surviving man in that flood was the woman’s husband.

  The third story told by a friend is a variety show game of a TV station – a wife and a wife. The game was attended by six couples who asked to cover the eyes of six men and let them touch the hands of six women in order to find out their wife. The first three were wrong, which made the audience laugh. The fourth player came on the scene. The host still meticulously cast the man’s eyes on it, then turned around three times. At the same time, he indicated that the six ladies had adjusted their positions. After that, the man came to the word. The six ladies who were lined up said: Start. The man reached out and grabbed the first lady’s hand, and it took three or four seconds to tell the host around me that it was not my wife, and then touched the second lady, when he grabbed the second lady. After the hand, it was a little longer than the first time. It took about ten seconds. He said to the host: “She is my wife.” After that, the host removed the gauze from the man’s eyes. The audience at the scene has already given the man a warm applause. No doubt this man is right. The host did not lose the opportunity to ask the man: “You feel so accurate, what secrets?” The man said to the microphone, solemnly said: There is no secret, I rely on the feel, is married for more than ten years To cultivate the feel. “At this time, the face of the man’s wife appeared on the screen. At this time, the happy wife was already in tears.