Black Wadsworth

  Every day, three crickets came to the door of the hospitable house of Miguel Street on time to beg. Around ten o’clock, an Indian man in white and wrapped around his waist first came, and we poured a small pot of rice into a pocket on his back. At twelve o’clock, the old woman who was carrying a mud pipe came, and we gave her a penny. At two o’clock in the afternoon, a blind man leads a road to ask for his penny.

  Sometimes we also give tramps. A man came here one day and said that he was hungry. We had a good meal for him. Then he asked for a cigarette until we ignited the cigarette for him. The man has never been there in the future.

  At about four o’clock in the afternoon, one of the most strange tramps came. I have already returned home from school, just changed my clothes. I heard him calling me: “Little brother, can I enter your yard?”

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One of outstanding talents

Seeing the violin making process on TV, my heart moved.

To make a beautiful violin, the choice of wood is the key. When artisans choose wood, they are very concerned about the number of tree rings. In their view, every tree that has undergone the baptism of time hides an elf, and this elf is the soul of a violin.

After selecting the right wood, the wood should be dried in the sun for two years to make its moisture content less than 10%. After the air-dried wood is cut into boards, it is put into a dark room that does not see sunshine all the year round. It is like a master’s retreat to practice, eradicate distractions, and gather essence. This period of silence will last for four to five years. After such a long period of time to hide one’s strength and bide one’s time, the originally chaotic wood board gradually has the spirit of miraculous, and the essence condensed in the wood becomes pure and empty. When all is silent, the natural air that once breathed in the nature and the collected sound of birds seep through the wood like an hourglass. Experienced carpenters can recognize the sound quality of a violin from a common template.

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Subway safety manual

  What should I do if I accidentally drop the platform?

  When you accidentally drop the platform, you should first call out to the station staff for help. The staff will take power-off measures to help, and should not blindly climb the platform to avoid electric shock.

  The most effective way to see a train coming is to immediately close the inside wall. Because the live contact rail is usually on the side close to the platform, be careful to keep the body as close as possible to the wall to prevent the train from getting into the body or clothing. When you see that the train is already coming, you can’t just lie in the groove between the two rails, because there is not enough space between the subway and the sleepers to make people fit.

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Happy ” foreign cook”

The ancient Chinese story of ” butchering cattle by skilled artisans” has long raised the slaughter of livestock to the level of art and philosophy, but the butcher in people’s eyes is still more associated with words such as blood and vulgarity. If you were faced with a multiple-choice question: a well-paid and decent job with a weekly salary of 3,000 dollars or a butcher with blood all day, which would you choose? I believe most people will not hesitate to choose the former, but Christian Rusby, a 30-year-old American youth, did not hesitate to give me another answer: to be a happy ” foreign cook”.

In 2006, Rusby was also an enviable professional stock analyst. I get up at 6 o’clock in the morning and drive to the stock exchange on Wall Street in my Ford. His daily job is to stare at the red and green numbers on the computer, then make predictions and guide customers to make purchases. The continuous rotation of the clock every day, the irregular diet, the eyestrain of staring at the screen all day long, the criticism and roars of the boss, and the huge work pressure make Ruth overburdened, highly nervous and often unable to sleep at night. The body also sounded the alarm, the hands and feet were weak, the stomach was unwell, and the hair fell off.

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