Happy ” foreign cook”

The ancient Chinese story of ” butchering cattle by skilled artisans” has long raised the slaughter of livestock to the level of art and philosophy, but the butcher in people’s eyes is still more associated with words such as blood and vulgarity. If you were faced with a multiple-choice question: a well-paid and decent job with a weekly salary of 3,000 dollars or a butcher with blood all day, which would you choose? I believe most people will not hesitate to choose the former, but Christian Rusby, a 30-year-old American youth, did not hesitate to give me another answer: to be a happy ” foreign cook”.

In 2006, Rusby was also an enviable professional stock analyst. I get up at 6 o’clock in the morning and drive to the stock exchange on Wall Street in my Ford. His daily job is to stare at the red and green numbers on the computer, then make predictions and guide customers to make purchases. The continuous rotation of the clock every day, the irregular diet, the eyestrain of staring at the screen all day long, the criticism and roars of the boss, and the huge work pressure make Ruth overburdened, highly nervous and often unable to sleep at night. The body also sounded the alarm, the hands and feet were weak, the stomach was unwell, and the hair fell off.

By chance, Rusby met Pat Lafrida, the third generation descendant of an ancestral butcher family that killed pigs. Lafrida is already 40 years old, but it seems that Virus is still young and energetic. More importantly, he is so happy. Lafrida hummed American country music in his mouth, danced his own dance steps at his feet, raised his sword and fell. The live pig in front of him disappeared and pieces of fresh pork were born. Rusby was stunned. At that moment, he fell in love with this ” bloody” job. At the end of 2006, in other people’s surprised eyes, Rusby quit his job as a stock analyst and took Barafrida as his teacher to learn the skill of killing pigs. On the first day, Rusby labored to load nearly 100 kilograms of pork onto the chopping board, and then split it under the guidance of the master. After a whole day’s work, Ruth Bea, who was sweating profusely, completed the task. When he got home in the evening, Rusby did ” pork DIY” on his work. The results showed that the taste was excellent. For the first time, he had a big appetite and ate it. He didn’t lose sleep again that night.

After studying with Lafrida for a year and a half, Rusby got off the ground and could easily handle the whole process of killing pigs by himself. He found that there were many young people with high income but high pressure, well-dressed but depressed. These people were just like themselves before, unhealthy and unhappy. He suddenly had a fresh idea: to hold a ” pig killing training class” to make more young people happy!

In June 2008, Rusby placed a serious advertisement in the newspaper. In the first training session, Laffery easily recruited 45 people. In the first class, the students were instructed by the teacher Rusby to carry meat pieces, sharpen knives, and divide large meat pieces into small pieces. Although it took a great deal of effort to complete the task, the tired students enjoyed the process. They said one after another that because they did not exercise often, they hid at home after work and had a bad appetite. They hoped that after eating pork chops made by themselves, they could relieve the symptoms.

Apart from men, the pig killing training course also attracted non-girl students. In their view, slaughtering, an industry that does not seem to be closely related to women, can heal the trauma of their hearts and restore their confidence in life. Julie Powell used to be a secretary and once lost her life because of her broken marriage. However, Powell found himself again after attending the pig killing training course. She said: ” Standing in front of the chopping board all day and cutting off pork continuously can help you concentrate. There are eight hours in such a day, so I don’t have to think about the reality of the mess in my life. ” Tia Keenan, 24, is a female employee of a large bank and the third student of Rusby training class. After the training, she not only released the pressure, but also fell in love with ” bachelor teacher” Ruth. She thought Rusby, who killed pigs, was very sexy: ” What is sexy? The danger shown by butchers is sometimes sexy. ” . Due to their mutual affection, she and Ruth quickly fell in love with each other and enjoyed the radiant rays of love together.

Only the right one, not the expensive one, not the high salary and butcher’s knife. I found myself happy in the slaughter, met the woman I love, and lived a happy life. Rusby is going to write a book about his experience and the pleasure, wealth and love he gained in the process of killing pigs. Now the publishing house has signed a publishing contract with ” butcher star” Rusby, and the new book ” American cook” will be published by the end of this year.