One of outstanding talents

Seeing the violin making process on TV, my heart moved.

To make a beautiful violin, the choice of wood is the key. When artisans choose wood, they are very concerned about the number of tree rings. In their view, every tree that has undergone the baptism of time hides an elf, and this elf is the soul of a violin.

After selecting the right wood, the wood should be dried in the sun for two years to make its moisture content less than 10%. After the air-dried wood is cut into boards, it is put into a dark room that does not see sunshine all the year round. It is like a master’s retreat to practice, eradicate distractions, and gather essence. This period of silence will last for four to five years. After such a long period of time to hide one’s strength and bide one’s time, the originally chaotic wood board gradually has the spirit of miraculous, and the essence condensed in the wood becomes pure and empty. When all is silent, the natural air that once breathed in the nature and the collected sound of birds seep through the wood like an hourglass. Experienced carpenters can recognize the sound quality of a violin from a common template.

This kind of cultivation is very easy to associate with the ” great tools” in the eyes of the world.

Willing to give up the temptation and excitement in the numerous and complicated world of mortals, willing to give up the deep feelings and long-term interests in you and me, willing to let oneself change from an exquisite and popular ” human spirit” to a dull and lifeless hermit who walks at night in clothes and brocade. In addition, one has to endure long loneliness and loneliness, hesitation and despair, sarcasm and ridicule in the face of any attack at any time. Only in this way can one become a ” big instrument”. However, there are not many such people. In his heart, there is always the sound of the clear and rising of the soul. This is the noblest earthly enjoyment given by fate to dreamers. Some people will never know the sound of the clear and rising.