Subway safety manual

  What should I do if I accidentally drop the platform?

  When you accidentally drop the platform, you should first call out to the station staff for help. The staff will take power-off measures to help, and should not blindly climb the platform to avoid electric shock.

  The most effective way to see a train coming is to immediately close the inside wall. Because the live contact rail is usually on the side close to the platform, be careful to keep the body as close as possible to the wall to prevent the train from getting into the body or clothing. When you see that the train is already coming, you can’t just lie in the groove between the two rails, because there is not enough space between the subway and the sleepers to make people fit.

  If the item falls below the platform, do not jump off the platform to pick up it, so as to avoid electric shock or being hit by the moving train. It should be picked up by the staff with a special insulated hook.

  How to identify terrorist suspects?

  Feelings of panic, abnormal words and deeds; dressing, carrying items are obviously inconsistent with their identity, or uncoordinated with the season; those who are acquainted with acquaintances and accomplices are diligent; during the inspection process, they urge inspections or attitudes that are unwilling to accept inspectors; frequent in and out Large-scale event venues; repeatedly appearing near the warning zone; suspected suspects notified by the public security department.

  What should I do if I encounter an explosion?

  At the moment of explosion, in order to prevent the explosive shock wave from penetrating the eardrum and causing deafness, it is necessary to turn back to the direction of the explosion and quickly lie down and open the mouth; at the same time, hold your nose and mouth, prevent smoke and poison. With the help of train lights, the accident scene was left under the command of the train driver and the captain. When there are multiple exits, in order to prevent stepping on, do not get together and avoid the flow of people. Once in the flow of people, do not retrograde.

  What should I do in a blackout and detention tunnel?

  Wait patiently for the arrival of rescuers, don’t smash the door to prevent electric shock, and don’t easily break the window and jump, don’t worry about breathing difficulties.

  How to identify suspicious explosives?

  A look: whether there is a hidden explosive device in the suspicious part; second listening: whether there is abnormal sound; three smell: whether there is strange smell, such as rotten egg smell or ammonia smell.

  What should I do if I find dangerous goods?

  When you find suspicious flammable or explosive materials, don’t touch them easily. Keep them away from the subway staff or the local police station.

  What should I do if I encounter a gas attack?

  When the subway is attacked by poisonous gas, because the poison gas may spread, the passengers must not panic, obey the commander’s command, block the nose and mouth with handcuffs or clothes, and escape along the evacuation direction.

  When evading the gas attack, the passengers must also determine the source of the poison and quickly escape away from the source of the poison.

  What should I do if I have a threat?

  Ningxin believes that there is no luck; quickly evacuate from the “site”; carefully observe the suspicious people and things; promptly report to the police and record the situation.

  What should I do if there is a collapse in the subway?

  When the collapse occurs, it will appear pale, sweaty, dizzy, nausea and vomiting, rapid heartbeat, severe blood pressure drop, or even fainted to the ground, it is best to sit down and rest immediately, or buy electrolyte balance water nearby (sports Beverage), most people can recover on their own.

  Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially middle-aged and elderly people, are advised not to take the subway at the peak of commuting. The subway is crowded and the oxygen content in the air is low, which may cause the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  What should I do if I encounter a forced stop in the tunnel?

  Do not panic and jump, wait for the handling of the subway staff; according to the guidance of the staff, walk outside the track, follow the track to the station, orderly along the platform.

  What should I do if I have a fire?

  First of all, be calm, not panic, under the car marked with “fire extinguisher” sign, take out the fire extinguisher and quickly extinguish the fire, use the handkerchief, napkins, clothing and other supplies to block the nose and mouth (if there is water, etc. can wet it) When the fire is life-threatening, it can be transferred to other cars to avoid the fire. The second is to obey the command of the station staff. The third is to evacuate safely in accordance with the evacuation indicator.

  The subway has adequate safety facilities, but for the sake of prevention, passengers who frequently take the subway should be as familiar as possible with the subway station environment.