The miracle of classroom No. 56

  26 years ago, in Hobart Elementary School in Los Angeles, a new teacher came. He was called Leif Esquis, a very ordinary boy. In the face of a small and boring classroom, a group of poor and mischievous children, Leif began his teaching career. Twenty-five years later, the teacher was highly recognized by all walks of life. The New York Times called Reeves a genius and a saint, and the Washington Post called him the best teacher in the United States. The President of the United States awarded him the “National Art Award”; the Queen of England also awarded him the Medal of Empire, and the media queen Oprah awarded him the “Reward for Life” award…

  What the great things that Leif did? What kind of miracle happened in this classroom 56?

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How far is sunshine finance from us?

  Although Sunshine Finance is an old problem that has no new ideas, in the past year, this old problem that has been delayed cannot be solved again because of the new situation, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

  In the report on the implementation of the review opinion submitted by the State Council to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress a few days ago, it was proposed that the central department’s budget will be open to the public, and that after two or three years of efforts, all central department budgets will be made public.

  At the beginning of last year, due to the use of 4 trillion huge investment, the transparency of information and the voice of the public to monitor the flow of funds, Sunshine Finance became the hottest issue of the “two sessions.” At the end of last year, the Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau put all the financial budgets of the 114 government departments of Guangzhou in 2009 on the Guangzhou Finance Network. This is the first time that the mainland government has disclosed all the financial budgets on the Internet for the first time. “Frenzy” attention. Before the budget was published, the Guangzhou Finance Network had only about 1,000 hits per day. After the public, the click rate increased by 40 times. The Guangzhou Financial Network was even embarrassed because it could not afford the download traffic. The concern of the society is so high that it just proves that the government’s existing public information about the budget is not enough.

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“Weaknesses” is not just a success

  In the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft in the National Football League, a black man with a 74-seat stand out, but he was 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall and weighed 344 pounds. About 155 kilograms, but the tiger’s back is bearish but flexible, especially on the defensive, and more extraordinary. Naturally, he was selected by the Baltimore Ravens and signed a five-year contract worth more than $13 million.

  The rising sports star is Michael Oher. Behind the glory of the glory, no one would have thought that this promising star has a very difficult and particularly touching life experience. His mother took cocaine when he was pregnant. Because of drug abuse, his IQ after birth was less than 80. His brothers and sisters totaled 12 people, and his parents had no time to take care of him. Even the minimum education and warmth did not give him. Before O’Nach was 9 years old, the first grade and the second grade were only two years old and they barely passed the test. They have changed 11 schools. Before he was 16 years old, he was transferred to multiple foster families by his parents and was once on the streets.

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Only eat the instant food

I like history because it is interesting. One of the interesting things is that there are always amazing similarities, but they show their own feelings in the similarities. As far as eating is concerned, three famous people in history are very similar.

One is Wang Anshi, a great reformer in the Northern Song Dynasty. On one occasion, a friend invited him to dinner, and Wang Anshi and with deep feeling agreed. During the dinner, the friends talked a lot, but Wang Anshi only concentrated on eating, and went home full of wine and food, thinking it was only an ordinary meal. The next day, my friend sent a lot of preserved roe meat to Wang Jia. Madam Wang is very strange. I don’t know why I came. The friend smiled and said, “I didn’t know Lord Wang likes to eat preserved roe meat. he said he would have sent more!”

Wang Shi was quite surprised when he heard this and said, “I have lived with my husband for decades. why don’t you know that he likes to eat preserved roe?” My friend was also surprised when he heard this. “If adults don’t like it, how could they eat a single dish during the dinner yesterday?” After listening to this, Wang suddenly realized and asked, “Isn’t it the preserved roe meat that should be put in front of him?” The friend rushed to answer, “The meat is indeed in front of adults.”

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Do not trip the bucket

  Americans believe that there are only two things in the world that cannot be avoided. One is to pay taxes and the other is to die. Since it is unavoidable, I have to make more jokes about death.

  No kidding, what can you do?

  The more old the illness, the more painful the elderly are, the pain there is. So, someone joked that if you wake up in the morning, you find that there is no pain on your body. Try your breath with your hand. Maybe you are not angry.

  When the old comedian George Burns told a joke on TV, he said that the first thing I do every day is to read the anecdote in the newspaper. If I can’t find my name, I can go out for a walk.

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