Datang willow

  Where is Yucheng? Is the willow color of the Tang Dynasty still so fresh?

  Every time I bid farewell, I always want to accompany my friends into the guest. Like a poet in the Tang Dynasty, I will call a pot of wine and order a few dishes. In the middle of the green area, I will open a cup of coffee. “. But every time I come and rush to go and rush, I can’t get what I want. Compared with the Tang people, we always have one less, one bleak and one lingering.

  The charm of the Tang people, the style of the Tang people, like the willow color they sing, always so chic, so fresh, so passionate, and always in the Tang poetry “? 2 still smoked ten dykes”, let us later people yearn for, let We can’t match it.

  The city is raining and dusty, and the guest house is green and green.

  Advise the monarch to make a cup of wine, and the west is out of the sun.

  Tonight, the moonlight is pleasant, sitting alone in the guest house, watching the moonlight at dusk, put a golden rim on the window, and stretched to the side of the mountain. My thoughts once again stepped on the moonlight everywhere, along the artistic conception of “Chengcheng Qu”, and embarked on the ancient road to Yangguan.

  On the road to Yangguan, there are more camel bells and wolves, more lonely, lonely and desolate. However, all of this can’t stop the horseshoes of the Tang people. Isn’t it the desert? They came for the desert, and came for the grandeur of “? 4 deserts and solitary smoke, long rivers and falling into the sun”, for the “? 5 suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of trees and pears bloom”, the beauty of “6 days in the world who do not know the king” confidence comes.

  As a result, there was a parting in the Tang poetry, and there was a fold.

  The guest house is right for drinking, and the bridge is folded. This kind of custom does not know whether it started in the Tang Dynasty, but it has been swayed by the Tang people and sentimental. When they pulled the horse’s reins and stood on the side of the ramp, when the folds were sent and the Yiyi was farewell, the wind blew their blue gowns and fluttered.

  In the Tang Dynasty, the country was strong, and all the scholars of the Tang Dynasty fought out, went out of the study, left the family, went to the river, went to the river, went to Changan, in order to gain the fame and fortune, and the heart of the WTO was extremely heavy. . But once they found out that they had to pay for their personality, they were tempted. They were silent, they broke out, and they finally chose to sing “?7 An can destroy the eyebrows and make me not happy.” Go long, go back to the mountains, and then look for a new starting point.

  They attach importance to fame, but pay more attention to the independence of personality and the freedom of the spirit. The waist of the Tang Dynasty literati is the same as the pen, iron hard. Therefore, Tang poetry is free and easy, full of personality. The poets of the Tang Dynasty drifted north and south, and fell to the end of the world.

  No, it is regular; gathering is short-lived. But the feelings of the Tang people have never been worn by the red dust. On the contrary, due to long-term wandering, they need more friendship, so they value friendship. As always, when they fall in love, they will never change in terms of identity, status, and political views, nor will they be separated by life and death. Li Bai and Du Fu Jinghua saw it, and they never died. After Yuan Zhen was heard that Bai Juyi was detained, he was shocked and stunned in the middle of a serious illness. When Bai Juyi arrived in his later years, he read the poems of Yuan Zhen, and he still couldn’t help himself.

  The Tang people are really too much love. On the way to the south and north, the person who gave the person will be given a gift of the willow; “? 8 spring breeze knows not to suffer, do not send wicker green.” However, the wicker year is green, the years are slowly getting old, the Tang people fluttering, taking a sloppy step, step by step into the depths of history, become A landscape that can’t be seen.