Delete friend

  In recent years, because of the selection of the annual tidal language, the “New Oxford American Dictionary” broke the name. The new word of the year 2006 is related to environmental protection. It is “carbon neutral”, meaning “carbon neutrality”; the new year 2007, the new custom of eating earth vegetables is “locavore”; the year of 2008 The new word is “hypermiling”, which refers to the behavior of people taking fuel-saving measures; the 2009 new word is even more arrogant, called “unfriend”, which means “to remove someone from the list of friends.” It can be seen that the standard of the new Oxford American Dictionary is to pay attention to current events and advance with the times.

  Every time the tide words are released, the audiovisual industry can always be mobilized, and the chills are hot and screaming, and few people are indifferent. For the new language “unfriend”, the focus of public opinion disputes is its part of speech. By convention, the words “un” are mostly adjectives, while “unfriend” is a verb, so it appears to be alternative. If you say “delete friends”, the more appropriate usage should be “defriend”. There are people who have a good testimony, looking for positive and negative evidence everywhere. The British “Daily Mail” columnist Christopher House searched the “Oxford Dictionary” and found examples. As early as 1659, the word “unfriend” appeared in Thomas Fowler’s article. The original text reads: ” I hope, sir, we will not end our friendship because of these differences.” In the article, “End Friendship”, the word is “unfriend”. Backed by the Oxford Dictionary, there is much less controversy. In today’s world where freedom of speech has become a rule, people are used to listening to it. Even if it is a broken day, as long as you don’t pick it up, go with it.

  Due to the limitation of time and energy, most of the interactions are a little bit of water, and even the names can’t be remembered, let alone a deep impression. “I don’t want to last forever, but I want to have it.” It is already a very luxurious past. “I don’t want to have it, but I can use it.” Although straightforward, it is more appropriate. One of the reasons, or the main reason for having owned, but not forever, is to remove it from the buddy list. Although it has been used, it is not owned or may not be too lazy to own. This shows that although I have been among the best friends, the time is very short. When I use it, it is not used.

  Life is short, and purgatory is boundless. People who are truly related to their own lives are at best 100 people. Indispensable, no more than one digit. At different stages of life, out of all kinds of opportunities, there will be many passengers. In a certain period of time, frequent visits by frequent passengers, the tide has become a frequent visitor, and the tide has become a frequent visitor. The time of passing passengers is very short. Although it is fleeting, it has a mark, affects the mood and is related to the future. The shorter the passenger passes, the more likely it is to emit amazing energy in an instant, and to draw a beautiful impression. The passengers are colorful, rhetoric, full of confusion, making people dizzy. Only a very small number of passengers can stand up to the election and join us in the course of life, and become friends and flesh and blood.

  Running around and working hard are the basic state of life. They are rushing for their livelihood, fighting for their careers, fighting for their careers, struggling for honor, and working hard for things that are unpredictable. Or sublime, or humble, or cumbersome. Or 褒 or 贬, or Yang or ,, taste is almost the same. Life needs to be lively, more need to be quiet, plain and savoury, and it can only be touched after the world is deep. If you want to create a dull, you must simplify your life, reduce your social life, and reduce your burden on your mind. When you let go, let go, forget the forgotten, and don’t want to come back again, just go bye and decompress. The beautiful memories that remain in my heart are better than the awkward and hustle and bustle of the day.

  With the “unfriend” requirement, there must be a desire to “delete friends”, which may be hesitant, but there will be follow-up actions. Once upon a time, the network crashed, the mobile phone was lost, and the fake “God’s Hand” completed the “delete friends” function, and it was a pleasure! There is a “deletion of friends” action, whether voluntary or not, can have the theoretical basis of the “New Oxford American Dictionary” sent to the door, should be a beautiful thing, should be happy. With this philosophy, goodbye to good friends, do not have to argue, do not have to excuse, let it be natural, but calm.