Do not trip the bucket

  Americans believe that there are only two things in the world that cannot be avoided. One is to pay taxes and the other is to die. Since it is unavoidable, I have to make more jokes about death.

  No kidding, what can you do?

  The more old the illness, the more painful the elderly are, the pain there is. So, someone joked that if you wake up in the morning, you find that there is no pain on your body. Try your breath with your hand. Maybe you are not angry.

  When the old comedian George Burns told a joke on TV, he said that the first thing I do every day is to read the anecdote in the newspaper. If I can’t find my name, I can go out for a walk.

  Death has a very humorous saying. The aphorisms appearing in the newspapers are ruthless. The emperor died and died, the Taoist priest was called Yuhua, and the Sichuanese called death as a scorpion. Our country children succumbed to someone who died and said that they had eaten their legs and licked their eyes. There are many sayings about death in English, one of which is to dump the bucket.

  At the beginning of the year, I didn’t understand its meaning. Later, after watching a movie, I realized it.

  In the movie, a wicked man holds a bucket and a shovel and digs gold by the river. Suddenly there was a gun battle. The gold digger put the bucket under his feet and took out the gun and fired at the other side. As a result, a bullet from the other side shot and hit the head. He immediately stretched his feet and tripped the bucket, killing him.

  I have seen this movie three times, and every time I see it, I will laugh. Regardless of the source of the dumping of the bucket, the film really explained it wonderfully.

  Everyone is dead, and death is going to be well organized. Everything is arranged properly. Experts advise people to make a will, and the sooner the better. Most Americans have widows in order to resolve the battle for property behind them.

  When it comes to the battle for battle, there is only one kind of person who has no such concern. That is the only son who has already died. There was a young American who accepted a large number of inheritances after his father died. He wrote to tell relatives and friends that he had entered the world of bliss since the 14th of last month.

  There are still many unexpected good results in the will.

  My wife’s greatest enjoyment is to go shopping at the weekend. My biggest enjoyment is to sleep late on weekends. In the good dreams, when the people did not know, the wife pushed me for a long time, still no response, and finally, she only yelled, dead, already 11 o’clock, still can not afford bed!

  Her voice is really high, even if she is dead, she will be woken up by her.

  Last year, I made a will, and her friends and friends became gentle, no longer screaming at the dead, as if I was called, I will cash it immediately.

  People all over the world are afraid to mention the dead words, especially the Chinese. However, the most affectionate death words appear in Chinese, it is the dead ghosts spoken by Hunan women.

  When a beautiful woman said this sentence, it seems like a joy, and wants to refuse to welcome, it is really a kind of style.

  A friend I know, killing and fearing death, he believes that death can be a hundred, and can solve all problems. His mantra is, if he is afraid of anything, he will die at most.

  A friend advised him, he said, what is afraid, at most, die.

  You drink too much, and a friend has a friend to persuade him.

  Whatever you fear, you will die at most.

  You don’t want to drive too fast, it’s dangerous.

  I am afraid of anything, and I will die at most.

  The days of not being afraid finally came. Last year, he was really dead because of drinking and drove three innocent relatives to accompany him.