Only eat the instant food

I like history because it is interesting. One of the interesting things is that there are always amazing similarities, but they show their own feelings in the similarities. As far as eating is concerned, three famous people in history are very similar.

One is Wang Anshi, a great reformer in the Northern Song Dynasty. On one occasion, a friend invited him to dinner, and Wang Anshi and with deep feeling agreed. During the dinner, the friends talked a lot, but Wang Anshi only concentrated on eating, and went home full of wine and food, thinking it was only an ordinary meal. The next day, my friend sent a lot of preserved roe meat to Wang Jia. Madam Wang is very strange. I don’t know why I came. The friend smiled and said, “I didn’t know Lord Wang likes to eat preserved roe meat. he said he would have sent more!”

Wang Shi was quite surprised when he heard this and said, “I have lived with my husband for decades. why don’t you know that he likes to eat preserved roe?” My friend was also surprised when he heard this. “If adults don’t like it, how could they eat a single dish during the dinner yesterday?” After listening to this, Wang suddenly realized and asked, “Isn’t it the preserved roe meat that should be put in front of him?” The friend rushed to answer, “The meat is indeed in front of adults.”

It turns out that Wang Anshi was very single-minded, thinking only about state affairs and living in an informal way.

Another typical example of “eating only immediate food” is Zhang Taiyan, a maverick master of Chinese studies. During Zhang Taiyan’s house arrest by Yuan Shikai, the cook always took pains to make a large table full of Dish (food), but Zhang Taiyan only ate the dish in front of him. After Zhang Taiyan finished eating, the cook took down a rich and almost complete table of Dish (food) to make extra money. As for why Zhang Taiyan only eats the dish in front of him, according to the master of Chinese studies, it turns out to be-he is too lazy to lift chopsticks! This should be regarded as the eating habits of scholars.

There is also a famous person who “only eats immediate food”, namely Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing dynasty.

Zeng Guofan is a very self-disciplined person. He once set his own regulations of “12 rules for daily revision” and strictly followed them. The last one is “don’t go out at night”. At present, it is very meaningful, which means “but nightlife”. Therefore, Zeng Guofan, as the head of Jiangnan officials, especially dislikes red wine and green wine.

However, there are always exceptions. During his tenure in Viceroy of Liangjiang, he went to Yangzhou to raise military salaries. The Millionaire of Three Kingdoms V, a salt merchant here, prepared a special feast for Gained a world reputation’s Zeng adults in order to flatter them. Zeng Guofan had no choice but to go to the party. The delicious food in front of him really shocked him.

Seeing that this meal had to be eaten, but it was tasteless, Zeng Guofan did not say a word, frowning, and only moved a few chopsticks on the dish in front of him.

However, Zeng Guofan’s private inside explained to people: “I can’t bear to eat a lot of money. I can’t bear to see it.” Zeng Guofan pretends to be a successor of Neo-Confucianism, which is probably the food of a generation of great Confucian scholars.

Now when I eat, I often like to eat the food in front of me. It’s not too long to lift chopsticks, but you can also enjoy their taste and send ancient thoughts. It turns out that they have a different taste.