Pretend to be civilized

Not long ago, when I was strolling in the streets of Oxford, I saw an old lady across the street fall down. I didn’t even want to run to help her up. To my shame, when the good deed was halfway done, an idea occurred to inside: Will she blackmail me?

After the event, I was very self-critical. When I was a child, I didn’t look like this. When I saw the PLA uncle saluting and saying hello, I met the uncle pulling the cart and pushed him up. The Sun Shining In The Sky, the flower smiled at me? ? Although very silly and naive, this is how we came from our childhood after 70. Some friends who are also post-70s laughed at me, Selective Memory, saying that Kanojo no omoide,Magnetic Rose and I are just the opposite. Evil is full of “habitual lies”. For example, when she did not help granny crossing the street, she had to say “help”. She gave the ink to the whole class because she was going to judge the students who were good at grade three. She had never been to the teacher’s house, but she had to write her homework with all her heart. The figure was reflected in the window at night …

I don’t deny that when I was a child, I often had a flash of personal thoughts about doing good things-I still do so today, and the mood of “please praise me” has always been very urgent, but this is human nature and understandable. Xunzi has long said, “human nature is inherently evil, and its goodness is false.” Costume is the first step in the beginning of civilization. Costume, pretend and believe it, and it will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and pass through the main road. Therefore, it is not a problem to pretend, but what and how to pretend is the big problem.

A few months ago, when I visited Britain to study, my left-hand passport and right-hand epidemic prevention card went through the customs honestly. while flirting and laughing with the female colleagues around me, the border control staff asked routine questions one by one for a long time. just when my anger began to rise from my heart, he closed his passport and slapped his hand. suddenly, he politely said, “Thank you very much.” The next day, I went to the philosophy department of Oxford university to find Tim Moore, director of the office, to handle the campus card. I asked him if he had brought any photos with him. he brought “thank you very much”. Fill in the form, please fill in here and there, “thank you very much”; Please sit down, oh no, then another “Thank you very much”? ?

In the course of contacts, I think I understand. This is called courtesy. It’s good to get used to it. Don’t take the courtesy of the British seriously. However, the longer I stay, the more I find my judgment Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. Yes, there are indeed some British people who are fake. Behind confucius lies a deep-rooted sense of superiority, but there is no denying that more people are sincere and kind.

More importantly, they are only pretending to be “civilized people” rather than “saints”. As a rational animal, man was originally both divine and beast. The so-called “too forgetful, the lowest is not as good as the mood, the kind of mood, it is our”, as a mortal with Worldly Desires, can pretend to be civilized people but not saints. In the past, we did not pretend to be too lofty, but we acted with one heart and one mind. Bubbles blew too big, and once punctured, they were difficult to clean up. In contrast, our present motive is too utilitarian, and we are always thinking about the immediate results. Obviously, we are businessmen in Any Special Way,Business Is Business,Diary of a Hooker, but we have to kneel down before Lei Feng and swear to be a screw of socialism. Desafinados, Os and Macaca won the championship.

People are environmental animals. When walking in Oxford, I don’t know when there will be a “good morning”, “sorry” or “thank you”, forcing me to be on standby at any time with polite expressions. As time passes, it is difficult to always put on a “bored ignore me” smelly face, and gradually learn to walk on the road and look at strangers, smile and say: “Have a nice day!”

To be honest, I have no confidence in how long I can “pretend” to be a civilized person. Apart from CD sellers and insurance salesmen, it is hard to imagine anyone smiling casually at strangers in the bustling streets of Zhongguancun. It is for this reason that I am even more appreciative of the translator Ms. Gladys Yang. Gladys Yang is an Englishman. She followed her husband Yang Xianyi to China. After all kinds of political turmoil, she was unfortunately imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution. Even in such an extreme environment, she still abided by the basic dignity and integrity of human beings. Whenever the guards delivered food to her, she always replied “Thank you”.

Speaking of the word dignity, Gladys Yang also left us another precious memory. In the early 1940s, she once taught in the shuddering Guiyang countryside. Later in her memoir, Gladys Yang mentioned the local farmers emotionally, saying that they had a “natural dignity” and praising “the peasants in the rural areas of China are always descendants of an ancient civilization even if they are poor and uneducated”.

“Yi Ben Gua” said: “View on the humanities, to To the world.” Whether it is Gladys Yang in be wealthy in knowledge or illiterate Chinese farmers, the human dignity that shines on them is the result of falsification and civilized education. It is a kind of temperament accumulation and moral cultivation that seeps into the night and moistens things silently with the wind.

Hamilton said in the small book “The Greek Way:” The impact of civilization on us cannot be measured accurately. It is a passion for the mind, a love for beauty, honor, gentleness, courtesy and delicacy. If those things that we cannot accurately measure their influence become the most important things, that is the highest realm of civilization. “