The miracle of classroom No. 56

  26 years ago, in Hobart Elementary School in Los Angeles, a new teacher came. He was called Leif Esquis, a very ordinary boy. In the face of a small and boring classroom, a group of poor and mischievous children, Leif began his teaching career. Twenty-five years later, the teacher was highly recognized by all walks of life. The New York Times called Reeves a genius and a saint, and the Washington Post called him the best teacher in the United States. The President of the United States awarded him the “National Art Award”; the Queen of England also awarded him the Medal of Empire, and the media queen Oprah awarded him the “Reward for Life” award…

  What the great things that Leif did? What kind of miracle happened in this classroom 56?

  Rule 1: “Wang Zi Cheng Long” is not as good as “teacher adult”
  Chinese parents, nine out of ten belong to the Wang Zicheng family. The reason why Leif received the highest honor in the education sector in the United States is precisely because he gave a completely different answer: “It is better to educate people than to educate people.” He said: “Almost 48 weeks a year, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, my fifth grade students will flood into our poor little classroom, immersed in the world of Shakespeare, algebra and rock, every year. The rest of the time, my children and I are traveling.” The
  best education is not “ seeking a child to be a dragon” but “teaching an adult”. In this regard, Classroom 56 gives the best note: we need not only the cradle of knowledge, but also the garden of personality.
  Recall that the cradle of “cultivating infertility” is often “shake, shake, and bridge.” Let the love of parents flow out of blood.
  Lu Gang, a 28-year-old doctor. Gao Xuesheng, Department of Physics, Peking University. I went to the University of Iowa through Dr. Li Zhengdao’s overseas exam. Because it is so good, it is not allowed to surpass others, and it is not allowed to be not good, and it is not tolerant of the teacher’s preference. So, one day, I shot and killed my doctoral tutor, Gore, the best professor in the physics department at the University of Iowa; he killed his long-cherished rival Dr. Shan Linhua, China. High-tech students at the University of Science and Technology; killed the innocent vice-president Anne and others, and then committed suicide by gun. The so-called: the genius is angry, six dead and one injured.
  Has Lu Gang become a “caliber”? It can be said that it is; but are they “people”? The answer is no, no. Under the elite-oriented educational atmosphere, every year, the college entrance examination will lead to the “No. 1 Heat”. The college entrance examination has become an industry. The improvement of intelligence has replaced the cultivation of personality. Many parents of child prodigy have become pastors in the industrial chain. The preacher’s vocabulary is long, and the hearers are fascinated…
  What is hot enough, it must be ill! Talents, the core is people, if not adults, talent is also a nightmare. In an environment where everyone is drunk, Leif can maintain an unusual sobriety. This is a miracle. You see, “Here, the character is cultivated, the effort is paid to be respected, and the humility is carried forward” – this is the miracle of the 56th classroom.
  Rule 2: “Little Red Flower” is not as good as right and wrong
  From the kindergarten, the teacher used small red flowers to motivate us. When I became a red scarf in the elementary school, I became a scholarship at the university and went to the workplace to become a red envelope or a bonus. Motivation is the magic of trial and error. We have no doubt that such incentives are healthy? In Leif’s view, this is only the initial stage in terms of moral behavior. If the ethical behavior has six stalls, the little red flower is only in the second gear. In the 56th classroom, the children’s standards far exceeded the small red flower stage and reached the sixth gear. Then, Leif borrowed the moral growth roadmap of the educator Lawrence Kohlberg:
  first gear, I don’t want to get into trouble – relying on punishment at work;
  second gear, I want to reward – by bribery Role;
  third gear, I want to please someone – rely on charm;
  fourth, I have to follow the rules – by self-discipline;
  fifth, I can be considerate – by the heart of love In the
  sixth gear, I follow the established guidelines – by the realm; what is the
  sixth stage of the students? Leif explained through a case in which a student helps others to leave a name: the highest state is not an external praise, but an inner joy.
  Rule 3: It is better to
  take a detour than a short road. Our generation has wasted too much time and let the children take less detours. Therefore, we continue to counsel, constantly correcting, let the children go straight. You may not know, we have entered a misunderstanding.
  Once, a group of other school teachers visited the classroom No. 56. The students were installing rocket models. Although a group of students were doing very seriously, they made a mistake in the missile part of the device, so the visiting teachers frequently went to the group. For the children to demonstrate the correct installation method, a hidden mistake. Teacher Leif stopped them decisively and politely. They had such a conversation:
  Visitors: (very quietly) Leif, you don’t know, they did it wrong.
  Leif: I know.
  Visitor: The wings are all smashed.
  Leif: Yeah, it’s awkward.
  Visitor: The launcher is too attached to the rocket.
  Leif: That’s true.
  Visitor: Can you sit here with your eyes?
  Leif: Yeah.
  Visitors: But their rockets won’t fly.
  Leif: I won’t be able to fly in a while…
  Visitor: But…
  Leif has already thought about it: they have to find out why the rocket can’t fly, they have to go back to the classroom and think about it. What are the things our scientists are doing all day long?
  The failure was determined by ourselves as a teacher. In the 56th classroom, the rocket that could not fly could not be a failure. Only when the students stopped trying to solve the problem would they fail. As parents, we have eaten too much hardship, experienced too many setbacks, and want to make the children go better. When we let the children walk close, they avoid the frustrations of frustration, but they also lose the pleasure of exploration. So the best teaching, not all teachers and parents talk non-stop, but like Leif, I don’t want to say, I am sober. Let the children start the wings of exploration, let them experience confusion, distress, and harvest surprises and insights. Although the road in the distance is too fascinating, such children will know more about how to take care of themselves, and such successors will be more challenging.
  Rule 4: It is better to save money if you eat it.
  Children are faced with the economy and society. Do you want to cultivate the economic minds of children?
  In Classroom 56, each student will apply for a job on the first day of school, and Leif will give a list of jobs. There are classroom administrators, banks, toy administrators, office messengers, shop assistants, police officers and other occupations. There are instructions for the work content. Every job has a different salary. If you have a job, you have a monthly salary, and a virtual salary can exist in the bank. So what is savings used for?
  The first is to pay for the use of desks and chairs. In classroom 56, the higher the seat, the higher the cost. If the amount deposited is three times the rent, you can buy the property of the seat. If you have enough, you can also buy a classmate’s seat, and then earn money every month.
  The second is to buy stationery at the class auction. Let them share the fruits of their efforts. So:
  The children in classroom No. 56 realized the hard work of parents to make money, and learned to be frugal and cherished;

  The children in classroom 56 realized what ownership is and what is the right to use, and learned investment and financial management.
  The children in classroom 56 experienced the impulse and regret at the auction. Learned to save restraint and delay enjoyment, one day to go to society, the best things will be reserved for those who know how to wait.

  Children in classroom 56 can also experience financial systems and auditing. From the first day of school, the teacher sent a separate ledger to each student. The date, transaction name, income, expenses, and savings will be indicated on the page. There are usually four students in the class, who serve as banks, and each bank manages a copy of the accounts of about 8 students. If someone’s account is wrong, they will check it out.
  Our children, he sang all day long, “Are you ready, always ready”, in fact, in the face of a tempting commodity society, educators are ignorant, how can children be prepared? For the children who came out of classroom 56, they were always ready.
  Education is a huge ship, carrying countless dreams, and letting countless dreams die in the ocean. When most people rushed into the “Titanic” of education, Leif built the No. 56 classroom into Noah’s Ark. This is not easy: a big man, 26 years, like a day, and the fifth grade primary school students, it is not easy; dare to adhere to their educational ideals, become the pillar of the elite education, it is not easy. If I would like to give an award to the Sizhuo Bookstore, I would like to give the No. 56 classroom an “Education Noah’s Ark Award”. The awards are like this:
  Here, exploration is supported and failure is encouraged.
  Here, trust replaces fear and consciously replaces discipline.
  Here, exam-oriented education ends the rule, and overall growth is encouraged.
  Here, you can “read thousands of books” and you can “walk thousands of miles.”
  Here, the students are happy and they find their home.
  Here, the teachers are happy, they plant this spring of knowledge.
  The last sentence of the awards should be – “Learning Lef is a good example”!