“Weaknesses” is not just a success

  In the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft in the National Football League, a black man with a 74-seat stand out, but he was 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall and weighed 344 pounds. About 155 kilograms, but the tiger’s back is bearish but flexible, especially on the defensive, and more extraordinary. Naturally, he was selected by the Baltimore Ravens and signed a five-year contract worth more than $13 million.

  The rising sports star is Michael Oher. Behind the glory of the glory, no one would have thought that this promising star has a very difficult and particularly touching life experience. His mother took cocaine when he was pregnant. Because of drug abuse, his IQ after birth was less than 80. His brothers and sisters totaled 12 people, and his parents had no time to take care of him. Even the minimum education and warmth did not give him. Before O’Nach was 9 years old, the first grade and the second grade were only two years old and they barely passed the test. They have changed 11 schools. Before he was 16 years old, he was transferred to multiple foster families by his parents and was once on the streets.

  To add insult to injury, after Och entered high school, his father was killed and died. This life is so ruined. However, a high school football coach has insightfully ridden him of public education and entered a private church school. In this school, a teammate’s parents, Sean Taosi and Lie Anne Tows, adopted Auch, making him a member of a white family and helping him get admitted to college. Into the Baltimore team.

  Auch’s legendary experience was written by the sports writer Michael Lewis in his documentary “Weaknesses: The Game Process”. With the approval and encouragement of the National Football League, director John Lee Hancock brought the legend of the football star to the screen. Surprisingly, this film has become the world’s largest dark horse film in 2009. In just 8 weeks, it won a huge box office of US$250 million at a cost of about US$30 million.

  Blind spot change

  ”Weakness” is called The Blind Side. In fact, it should be translated as “Blind Point”. In the American football game, each team has its own blind spot when organizing an attack. The better the players, the more they can attack the other side’s blind spots, making their positions more chaotic, and the more each team reduces their blind spots, the better they can play.

  This is only one side. What’s more important is that our lives also have their own blind spots. Only by reducing these blind spots can we succeed. This is the profound connotation of the film’s name.

  As a player who can attack the blind spot of the other side, Auch’s life has a serious blind spot. His family was not well-born, he did not receive any family education, and he left him with so many painful memories in his childhood. He was missing from the public school. The good teacher who urged him and helped him is almost doomed to have no chance of success in this society.

  But the blind spot in his life was illuminated, and he was almost impossible to be changed. This is not the result of his own efforts, but depends on many factors other than him. This is where the film is different from the general inspirational film, and it is also the most touching place. What is the key to his change? In the movie, the school motto of the private school he later transferred to – “can not be in people, but not in God, because God can do everything”, gave two meaningful close-ups, which is regarded as the finishing touch pen.

  Of course, the most crucial thing is that the Taoxi family’s selfless love for Auch has made him such a big change. Their family resolutely took over this Michael Och, who shivered in the cold wind and then made trouble for them. Mrs. Taoxi allowed him to spend the night on the sofa, then vacated the bedroom for him, and finally negotiated with his husband. He is a son. When Och arrived at this home, the family watched TV, eated and laughed on their own, and Och was alone at the table to eat. Mrs. Taoxi saw it and immediately turned off the TV and ordered the whole family to sit at the table and let everyone join hands and pray together. The beautiful eldest daughter of the Taoxi family was reluctant to reach out to Auch, but he only hesitated, but he reached out to Auch, and Mrs. Taoxi closed her eyes and led everyone to pray. This touching scene is also the secret of the solid foundation of American families.

  It may not be difficult for the rich to donate money to the children of the poor, but it is very difficult to accept the children of the poor from their homes and adopt them as their own children. The whole family of Taoxi can finally accept Auch, which is related to the religious culture of the United States. The director’s observation in this respect is very keen and his performance is also in place. Without such a cultural connotation, how can this film without sex and violence be sold?

  What is success?

  Some friends read “Weaknesses” and said: “You see people’s BMW cars parked next to the poor people, ask him to get on the bus, go to sleep at home; our BMW car is knocking down the poor, getting off the car and seeing it didn’t crash. Reversing the car and killing people, then grow up and go!”

  The Taoxi family not only bought new clothes and new cars for Auch, but Mrs. Taoxi also entrusted her youngest son to him. After the car accident, Mrs. Taoxi not only did not blame him, but also in turn comforted the annoyed Auch. All of this is a love for no reason for Auch.

  ”There is no love for no reason, no hate for no reason. As for the so-called ‘human love’, since humanity has become a class, there has never been such a unified love. All the ruling classes of the past like to advocate this thing, many The so-called saints also like to advocate this thing, but no one has actually practiced it, because it is impossible to practice in class society.” This is the education that the Chinese accept. Some of our dictionaries are “compassions”, and what cannot be understood is grace – that is, love for no reason. The warmth that makes many people cry and permeate in the film is not the result of Auch’s dedication, nor the hard work he earns, but someone who is willing to pay, constantly and unrequitedly.

  From the beginning to the end of the movie, I can’t see how Auch struggles, how to practice hard, and through the clichés of struggle and ultimate success, but describes how Auch is fulfilled, not how he succeeds.

  What is success in the end? The film does not think that Auch’s entry into the university itself is a success. It does not even mention the success of Auch’s draft, and there is no such thing as flowers and applause. Instead, he arranged for Ahe to leave home and finally returned him to his adoptive father and foster mother. He chose the university to seriously consider the needs of his family. In fact, it is the words of Mrs. Taoxi who encouraged him to fight hard on the court: “To be united, to protect your family, remember that your teammates are your family.” Auch is in the most intense confrontation, The first consideration is also to fight for the smile of the loved ones rather than their own gains and losses. He found his dignity and position in the love provided by his family, knew who he was, and what he meant to his family. With this in mind, he has actually succeeded.

  This interpretation of success can be said to be quite exciting. The real success is to be the best of yourself and to develop your talents. The so-called talent, in the eyes of the film, is the talent that God has given, and everyone has the responsibility to protect and actively guide. Therefore, once Auch’s athletic talent is discovered, whether it is the school’s coach, principal, or Taoxi family, or the tutors they invite, or even social institutions, protect him and fulfill him, and encourage him. Not ridicule, obstruction and suppression. Therefore, Auch’s awkwardness has turned into an inside show, and the woody has turned into a connotation, and stupidity has turned into an intrinsic. In particular, Mrs. Taoxi’s eldest daughter, at the beginning, said that Auch was stupid, and later became the cheerleader of the Auch team on the court, and he also respected him.

  Therefore, “Weaknesses” is not a story about a sparrow becoming a phoenix, an ugly duckling becoming a swan. The director’s intention is much more positive than this. He fundamentally thinks that Auch is originally a phoenix and a swan, but has a serious blind spot. Once these blind spots are eliminated, he can show the best side to the world. In fact, Andersen’s “Ugly Duckling” is not talking about ducks becoming swan, but that the goose eggs are accidentally placed in the duck’s nest. The hatched geese judge themselves with the standard of ducks, making themselves feel inferior, and finally learn Looking at myself with the standard of geese, I found out that I was originally a beautiful swan. The “ugly duckling” did not become a swan because of self-confidence, but found that he was originally a swan, but he was in a blind spot and did not find it.

  The film was not filmed as a so-called racist discrimination film. It did not involve this aspect at all, because its intention was much higher than this. It is not white people who deal with black pity and charity, but let everyone discover the goodness, dignity and value of their own. This is the perfect interpretation of the so-called “Everyone is created and equal” in the Declaration of Independence, which is misinterpreted in China. For “people are equal in life.”

  It is also because of these deep intentions, as well as the legendary experience of real people Auch, coupled with Sandra Bullock’s superb acting, this film captures the hearts of Americans. Some people say that this is just a Hollywood-style inspirational film that people in other countries may not appreciate. really? Who says that Chinese people do not need to understand love for no reason, do not need unity and warmth, do not need to “do the best of themselves”?