Fear of life

  Many people know that the Japanese writer Oe Kenjiro has a child with congenital mental retardation and is named after the light; but many people do not know that he could have no such child named Guang. Because, before the light officially came to the world, the mother had already learned what kind of child he would be during the routine pregnancy test. According to the average person’s practice, although it will be very painful, it is still willing to take the form of abortion for self-protection in order to avoid suffering more and more pain in the future. This is really nothing wrong. However, Oe Kenzaburo is not an ordinary person, they decided to give birth to this child. Because they believe that they have all the responsibilities for the birth of this life, and they have no right to escape. The behavior of Oe Kenzaburo made me horrified and made me jealous.

  Later, in a book published by a Japanese mother named Kato Hiromi, I saw a complete agreement on the relationship between life and Oe Kenzaburo. This made my former horror and embarrassment a moment of comfort and meditation. Unlike the situation of Oe Kenzaburo, the mother’s child, Qiu Xue, was diagnosed with congenital dementia after birth. To make matters worse, this child also suffers from lung diseases and heart disease that are more serious than people think. The doctor reminded that if a cold is caught within half a year, the child will easily die. Even if he is lucky enough, it is difficult to live a year old. That is to say, no matter how much the burden of this child, it may take up to one year to drag the parents. Moreover, as long as the parents are slightly “normal” negligent, this drag can be rid of. However, Kato as a mother did not think so. On the contrary, hearing such a serious illness is more intimidating than hearing the child is a dementia. She thought that Qiu Xue chose to be born in her home, because “he believes that our parents will go with him” and will spare no effort to help him. So how can they cherish the trust of this innocent little life? She wrote in the book: “For such a child, if we can’t be brave enough to be a parent, it is a disrespect for life.” Yes, the fear of life, let Qiu Xue’s parents from the very beginning Have the courage to accept responsibility.
  Under their care, Qiu Xue spent his first birthday in amazement. Many doctors think this is a miracle, but Kato Homei said: “No, no, I don’t want people to use the word ‘miracle’ to explain, it should be said that it is all because autumn snow is the most considerate in the world. Parent’s child.” As for her hard work, she did not mention anything.
  In the two Japanese people, Oe Kanzaburo and Kato Hiromi, I found that they always accept the world in a seemingly passive manner, that is, they are used to looking at themselves in good faith from the perspective of the other side. However, when I think of their shared sense of responsibility, I can only understand this passive acceptance as an active response. In English, the word “responsibility” is responsibility, and the root response used is the meaning of “response.” At this point, I finally understood the words of CS Louis in the book The Mystery of Pain: “For us, the highest form of behavior is responsive, not active.” This response is actually For the noble response to the call of love, we also heard the responsible nature of love. Although the responsibilities here are mostly painful, love always transforms this pain into irreplaceable happiness.
  Light still lives alive peacefully in this world and shows extraordinary musical talent. Qiu Xue finally defeated the doctor’s prophecy and spent 6 years of good time with his parents. After Qiu Xue’s death, his mother “suddenly and calmly realized that the days that our family of three had been through were once so happy!”