Repairsmith and artist

  The two artists, all of whom were related to the repaired items, had been repairers, which made me curious; after I understood them, they let me face the figure that they were getting older and looked up for a long time.

  One is the Chinese translation of the Indonesian folk song “Mother Mom” ​​Lin Caibin. In the 1960s, when countless young people were immersed in the beautiful melodies of this song, Mr. Lin worked as a locksmith in a city in Guangdong, and he worked for 30 years.

  The other is Mr. Ren Weiyin, a Shanghai oil painter. This oil painter, who studied art in Europe and studied under Pan Tianshou and Huang Binhong in the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in the 1940s, also accepted the transformation in the 1960s. And a repair for 17 years. Recently, the Shanghai Art Museum held a painting exhibition by Mr. Ren Miyin. Experts believe that “an oil painter with such achievements is not much in the circle.”

  Not to mention the bad luck of the two artists, the impact on their artistic creation, and the loss of the development of Chinese culture and art. Only if they choose to repair this industry, and are comfortable with this industry for more than ten years and decades, what is the connection with their artistic creation? Is it because the artist’s mindset determines their choice? It is worth studying.

  Those who engage in art refuse to be boring, and their hearts are always sensitive and active. Therefore, in the regulation, Ren Weiyin used all kinds of plastic materials for shoe repair to cover up the beauty, and the soldering iron became a tool to reflect various ideas. He said that he didn’t want to be repairing shoes but doing sculptures. This work is interesting. This makes Ren Weiyin maintain the vitality of thought under pressure and keep the art heart undead.

  People say that artists are people in temperament and care about the value of life. Whether it is Lin Caibin or Ren Wei, they are feeling that they are still useful to others in their service to customers. Repairing the locks, repairing the shoes, and doing well, the customers will be grateful. This work with personal technical imprint is incomparable to other work that they can do at the time. The “thanks to thousands of sincere thanks” was a great relief to them. This kind of relief makes them wait in the long years, with the support of the soul. Therefore, Lin Caibin said at the age of 80, we should not complain about life.

  The repair work that the two artists have been doing for a long time needs to work hard and bow down. When they receive customers, they need to smile and smile. In the gap between hard work, there must be a sad life experience. When you smile at a customer, you will meet thousands of different expressions. These inner observations and perceptions of the world are expressed in their works in the future, so that the works have the depth of thinking and the training of the world.

  After they were old, many people asked about their life feelings. Lin Caibin will sing “Friendship for a long time”, he sings calmly and slowly, let me hear the vicissitudes of life, and also hear the deep love of life in the vicissitudes of life. Ren Weiyin often talks about the words at the beginning of Dickens’s “Tale of Two Cities”: “This is the best time, this is the worst time; this is the age of wisdom, this is the age of stupidity… This is the spring of hope, this is The winter of disappointment…” And whether you can win hope from disappointment, all depends on how you grasp it.