Why use so many pens?

  After more than a year of arduous political debates, and after many seemingly intractable parliamentary stalemates, President Obama finally signed the health care reform bill on March 23, 2010.

  One pen, two pens… Obama used 22 pens to sign this epoch-making document—$938 billion in medical insurance bills. However, what is surprising is that President Obama has obsessive-compulsive disorder? Or is the quality of the White House’s pen bad, let him change it?

  In fact, the president is following an unwritten tradition in Washington. The use of different pens to sign documents is to demonstrate the dignity of the legislation, which can be traced back to the Roosevelt era. The reason is very simple. The pen that signed the important documents is itself a “relic,” and the White House can give it as a gift to the supporters of the bill. The more pens the president uses, the more “gifts” he sends. In 1964, when Linden Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, he was said to have used 75 pens. One of them was given to Martin Luther King.

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Responsible for my own life

  Twenty years ago, a bicycle coach in mainland China lost his left leg and used prosthetic limbs in a car accident, but he was reluctant to give up his career. He volunteered to set up a bicycle team in Hong Kong. At that time, the cycling in Hong Kong was completely desert. He has kept the standard to a minimum: Hong Kong permanent residents aged 15 to 35, if they are willing to be an athlete in the Hong Kong team, they can participate in training and give priority to the competition. The result came from a fat man who was a chef. The purpose of his coming is also very simple: riding a bicycle can be played everywhere.

  A person is also the beginning. The coach with his legs was hard-working with his fat apprentice, and the process was harder than the Tang Emperor. They have no idea what it is waiting for them. There are only two words in their hearts, training, and training endlessly.

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Wilderness eagle

  I would rather be a hungry eagle in the wilderness than a fat frog! “I am obliged to learn to bundle my luggage.

  Always go to each stage of life alone, and settle yourself from a completely unfamiliar environment. After graduating from elementary school, I knew that I was in the middle of the country. I went to the middle school where I was 40 minutes away from home. I was very familiar with them and became a part; there are several high schools nearby to choose from, but I boldly told the tutor: “I am going to Taipei Kaozhong!” For the first time, I know that the North One Girl, Zhongshan, Jing Beauty… Waiting for the school, I asked the teacher about the volunteer order. He was not sure, but finally arranged for me. He didn’t ask if he was admitted, how to settle? I didn’t mention it, it was my own business. I got the admission ticket and went home to mention it with my family. My family always ignored my homework.

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  From Cambridge to London, we stayed at the Lin Bo Lante Hotel. We walked slowly along Cromwell Avenue towards Buckingham Palace. Hua Fei said that the high school German class is reading “Young Werther’s troubles” and the discussion in the class is very careful.

  “Hey? What did the teacher say?” I looked at him with great interest—I was also reading this book when I was a sophomore. In Taiwan in 1969, I read Goethe while reading Qiong Yao. After the publication of “Witt’s Worries” in 1774, it was said that there were 2,000 European youths who followed Wit’s suicide for love. Napoleon always carried this love book with him in the killing of the Eastern Expedition. “You must not believe what the teacher said,” Hua Fei said with a smile. “The teacher told us: You don’t believe in this kind of ‘pure’ love. In fact, love lasts for a long time because the two have a kind of ‘mutual benefit’. The foundation. Without the ‘mutual benefit’ relationship, love will not last.”

  I looked at him with amazement and asked, “Do you agree with him?”

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