From Cambridge to London, we stayed at the Lin Bo Lante Hotel. We walked slowly along Cromwell Avenue towards Buckingham Palace. Hua Fei said that the high school German class is reading “Young Werther’s troubles” and the discussion in the class is very careful.

  “Hey? What did the teacher say?” I looked at him with great interest—I was also reading this book when I was a sophomore. In Taiwan in 1969, I read Goethe while reading Qiong Yao. After the publication of “Witt’s Worries” in 1774, it was said that there were 2,000 European youths who followed Wit’s suicide for love. Napoleon always carried this love book with him in the killing of the Eastern Expedition. “You must not believe what the teacher said,” Hua Fei said with a smile. “The teacher told us: You don’t believe in this kind of ‘pure’ love. In fact, love lasts for a long time because the two have a kind of ‘mutual benefit’. The foundation. Without the ‘mutual benefit’ relationship, love will not last.”

  I looked at him with amazement and asked, “Do you agree with him?”

  Huafei nodded.

  I quickly recalled the 17-year-old myself: I, and my friends of the same age, I believe in Qiong Yao. All men must have deep and painful eyes, and women will have cold hands and hot passion. Love is only the spirit and no flesh, it is unpredictable; the beauty of romance, innocence and devastating love is the highest level of love.

  Huafei, with his good friend John as an example, is explaining to me. “You see, John’s parents are divorced. John Dad and his current girlfriend may last. Because, first, John Dad is a bank general manager, female. A friend is a secretary, she has an improvement in social and economic status. Second, John is the president of the university, and John is not as good as John’s mother; now with his secretary, the secretary is not as knowledgeable or in terms of status or intelligence. He, he has a sense of security and self-superiority. On the basis of such ‘mutual benefit’, I judge that their relationship may last.”

  I stared straight at my 17-year-old son and said, “God, how do you know this?”

  He stared at me and obviously felt that I was amazed. “What time is this? Mom!”

  In the evening, there was light rain on the streets of London. We ran in the rain and rushed to the theater. The performance was “Evta”, a musical with the story of the life of Prime Minister Peilong of Argentina. We are still late, and the familiar melody of “Argentina, don’t cry for me” came out of the door of the theater.

  General 48-year-old General Peilong squatted at the 24-year-old Evta in a charity ball. On the stage, the lights are blurred, the music is soft, and Eveta is gradually dancing near Peilong – I whispered to Huafei, “You see, the theory of ‘mutual benefit’ is coming again…”

  Huafei replied whispered: “Mom, but I am only 17 years old. It seems that I shouldn’t know so much. It seems that I should still believe something!”

  I have been absent-minded for a while while watching the show. His question – do I have an answer?

  In the morning, the bright sun rushed in, and Huafei was still asleep. I opened the curtains and looked at the ordinary and realistic scenery outside the window. I thought, there must be a huge beauty in the middle.