Responsible for my own life

  Twenty years ago, a bicycle coach in mainland China lost his left leg and used prosthetic limbs in a car accident, but he was reluctant to give up his career. He volunteered to set up a bicycle team in Hong Kong. At that time, the cycling in Hong Kong was completely desert. He has kept the standard to a minimum: Hong Kong permanent residents aged 15 to 35, if they are willing to be an athlete in the Hong Kong team, they can participate in training and give priority to the competition. The result came from a fat man who was a chef. The purpose of his coming is also very simple: riding a bicycle can be played everywhere.

  A person is also the beginning. The coach with his legs was hard-working with his fat apprentice, and the process was harder than the Tang Emperor. They have no idea what it is waiting for them. There are only two words in their hearts, training, and training endlessly.

  After four months of attending the Hiroshima Asian Games, the fat chef actually won the fourth place. At that time, newspapers in Hong Kong reported that he would win the gold medal in the next Asian Games. The coach thought that the reporter was doing a gimmick. But he said: This is what I said. After listening to this, the coach solemnly said to him: Then you will have to ride 150,000 kilometers in the next 4 years, and you will have to set aside a year of specialized training tactics. You will have no holidays. Can you do this? He said firmly: I can do it.

  A year later, he won the international cycling ring race. Four years later, he won the Asian Games gold medal in Bangkok. Fourteen years later, he came to Beijing, where he participated in the Olympic Games for the fourth time after participating in the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens. The game was much more cruel than the imagination, and he did his best, but only 15th in the field cycling. The reporters who came to interview were somewhat disappointed. His sweaty face was smiling, and he said that he was satisfied with the game. He did his best and played his best. This is enough.

  Perhaps you have already guessed it. He is the “Asian car king”, and the Hong Kong cyclist gold treasure that is praised by President Hu Jintao as more valuable than gold.

  Fourteen years ago, when the coach Shen Jinkang came to recruit players, Jinbao was just a big boy who only wanted to play, but once he chose this road, he handed him all out.

  Once, there was a typhoon in Hong Kong and no one on the street. Shen Jinkang coach could not find Abao everywhere. He came to the street with the wind and rain, and saw that Abao’s thin body struggled to ride in the wind and rain.

  In order to win the right to participate in the Olympic Games, Golden Treasure regards every day as the Olympic Games Day. Every ride is a step closer to the ideal.

  After many times of winning the championship, the habitual action of Jinbao is not to scream, but to sprint the inertia after riding very far, then quietly return to the rest area, burying his face in a large towel for a long time. When he stood up again, he gave the audience who loved him a baby face that was never old, and his face was a relaxed smile.

  After the Beijing Olympics, people asked the veteran what to do. His answer was unexpected: if possible, I would like to participate in the 2012 London Olympics.

  In fact, he can already have many choices when he is famous. Go to school, or do some business, or do nothing, and enjoy quiet days. But he doesn’t, he chose a bicycle, and the bicycle business will melt into his blood. As long as he has the strength, as long as he can participate in the competition, he will go forward. He said he liked it, and he said that he was responsible for his own life.

  Therefore, coach Shen Jinkang said that encountering the golden treasure is his blessing as a coach. He said that in the spirit, the golden treasure is already an uncompromising Olympic champion.

  Shen coach is right. Those who do not retreat from their own choices, those who insist on their own careers, those who are responsible for their own lives, he is the Olympic champion, he is the winner.

  The golden treasure is, his coach Shen Jinkang is also.