Wilderness eagle

  I would rather be a hungry eagle in the wilderness than a fat frog! “I am obliged to learn to bundle my luggage.

  Always go to each stage of life alone, and settle yourself from a completely unfamiliar environment. After graduating from elementary school, I knew that I was in the middle of the country. I went to the middle school where I was 40 minutes away from home. I was very familiar with them and became a part; there are several high schools nearby to choose from, but I boldly told the tutor: “I am going to Taipei Kaozhong!” For the first time, I know that the North One Girl, Zhongshan, Jing Beauty… Waiting for the school, I asked the teacher about the volunteer order. He was not sure, but finally arranged for me. He didn’t ask if he was admitted, how to settle? I didn’t mention it, it was my own business. I got the admission ticket and went home to mention it with my family. My family always ignored my homework.

  At that time, my father had just passed away for two years. My mother went out to work and had a father’s office. Auntie managed the field and home. I was the boss, and my younger brother and sister were the primary school. Who is in charge of me? I don’t need anyone to worry about it. I put it on with my God, and I gambled on myself: “If you have no interest, this family is over!”

  At the age of fifteen, the first baggage of this life was bundled, and even the toothbrush and towel were taken away. After squatting in front of the house, I patrolled, remembering how to look at my home, hiding in the well and crying, suddenly growing up to five years old. I don’t care if someone else’s fifteen years old still rolls into the parents’ arms, taking advantage of the girl’s dreamy eyes, and I have to fight for myself, with a knife and a sword can not be weak.

  Therefore, I was alone in Taipei, and spent three hours each day to go to a high school in North New Year and the relatives of Fuxing South Road. Before the Taipei Railway Station, the woman who sold the rice ball in the morning, I took her as a mother. Sitting on the freshwater line train, the rice ball finished the book, each book was rotten and soft. In the classroom, the eyes closed and the teacher said that the teacher was wrong.

  At that time, the school’s reading style was not good. Many people rushed to date after school, danced, and went to Shilin Night Market. The situation was good. I don’t have the right to play, and I don’t have the extra tuition. Still, I have tough temper, I don’t believe that the exam questions can stumble on me, not a good university.

  This forced myself, the normal 17 or 8 years old will be awkward, ordinary, friends who have not talked, they chase movie stars, exchange love letters, I am not interested, want to talk about life’s confusion and future dreams, they can’t fight Get up. I simply talked with the manuscript paper, talked about it, wrote an article, submitted the manuscript, and rushed to the mailbox at the door of the training office in the second class to see if I had a letter. If the magazine sends a newsletter to the news, I will be happy to see it again and see that the eyelids are red; the big newspaper supplements send back the manuscript, then tear it up and feed the trash can, I think: “One day… “For that day, how much suffering is worth it.

  I have always been strong in my work, and I have to make it clear. Infatuated with writing, and even searched for other people’s works to see the eyes get angry. They write well, I don’t write well, and where the truth can be made to progress. I often hold the famous works on the two major newspaper supplements. I use the red pen to slog the words. I don’t carry them back. I dissect them, study the texture and blood, and gradually realize the various ways, and understand the famous people. when. At that time, I was very poor, I couldn’t afford the world famous books, I was standing in the bookstore for speed reading, Hawthorne’s “Red Word”, Hesser “The Song of the Wanderer”, “The Complete Works of Tagore”, Muirce “Caucasus Story”… Some money is bought,

  The rest will be browsed, and I hope that in the future, I will become a monopoly, and I will be willing to see it. “The world is too big, life is bigger than the world, and literature is vaster than life!” I am determined to go to literature and not look back.

  Young people who lack goals are like boating at sea. I know where my life is going. I am only a goal in college. I know why I have to go to college. It is not based on social values, teacher expectations or blind diplomacy, but on my own. A great dream of life.

  In the summer of the second year of high school, I wrote a letter back to Yilan, telling me that I have moved from my relatives to the villa near Daxieshan School. The monthly rent is 300 yuan. Because I have no money to go to the tutoring class, I must make a “university joint examination plan”. Therefore, I will not go home to cut rice this year. “There are still 987 yuan in the manuscript fee and the amount of money earned from working. It is enough for two months. Please rest assured that I will win the battle.”

  Every day, according to the example, I wake up at 4 am and read early. According to the combat strategy, this summer vacation must review all subjects and pre-read the third grade homework (the old textbooks that have been learned), at least once again from the cram schools and star schools. Question bank, test papers and calendar year exam questions, and “acceptance strength” every half month – see which one can be admitted to the “mixed school.”

  I want to sleep, no. Start thinking about fighting, you should use wisdom, and it’s not a “Boxer”!

  Thinking about why people are dying of a dead cow, no one wants to eat, and fried into a small steak is delicious. Therefore, the “combat plan” was changed to “university entrance examination kiosk”, according to their own interests and appetite, according to the waking to a stunned timetable to arrange a feast.

  Therefore, “history” turned into a costume, I am willing to shuttle through time and space tunnels, interviewing Qin Shihuang to talk about how to annex the six countries, to talk with Han Wudi about foreign problems, accompanied by the adventures of Ji Sihan. You can also point to Guangxu: “You coward, why are you so afraid of Cixi, wouldn’t you send an assassin to “solve” her?”

  ”Geography” is also easy to handle, that is my travel experience with the beloved Prince Charming to travel around the world. “Mathematics” is really a bit of a headache. The trigonometric function is really not like a story. “Three People’s Principles” decided to stay in the month before the entrance examination, and then fought in a revolutionary mood to make the Yellow Martyrs 72 martyrs.

  I took a nap on one day and dreamed that I had only tested more than two hundred points. Frustrated, fear of life has become a bubble. At night, the sound of insects and the loneliness of the future filled the heart, and wrote in the diary: “Where will I go?” Where will I go? 』

  There is a stack of unfinished manuscripts in the drawer, including a story about a high school boy escaping. I want to write down and take it in. I simply put a seal on the drawer of the manuscript and the writing outline, as if the only property was seized by the court.

  After being settled in this way, the third is raised. When the students burst into high school, they are forced to study, or they are rushing to the tutors like a headless fly. I am determined to be like a meteorite, and my heart is not moving. I continued to follow the schedule of my work schedule. Although the results of the classroom test in the third semester of the third year have been thoroughly revealed, I have abandoned the teacher’s teaching schedule and test plan, and walked according to my own schedule. I am not in a hurry, I don’t panic, never skip the order. . I like to ask “why” and think about the answer. Sometimes the questions in “Chinese” must be answered from “history”, and the questions in “history” can be clued from “geography.” Living is more profound than death.

  And have fun. As I read it over and over again, if there is a mirror in the chest, and the knowledge of Chinese, history, and geography are connected in series, it proves that living and seeing can be seen in the same direction. A week before the entrance exam, the students were gray-faced, chaotic, and staying up late, but I had nothing to do. Instead, I went to the market to eat red bean ice, buy tomatoes and egg fried rice, and go to the mountain trail in the morning. , a few days comfortable days. In fact, invisible, the brain is being reorganized, and all the content that has been read is activated, so that the knowledge of the branches is more encrypted and forms strength. I am confident and ask any questions, I can tell the truth.

  On the day of the joint entrance exam, most people like to enter the execution ground, but I feel like a garden tour. I heard that some students got the test papers, black eyes, sweaty hands, and cramps in the lower abdomen. I think it is incredible. I am too stable, get the Chinese, history, geography papers, feel like a primary school student, how do you laugh out of this simple question? After the bell rang, the students turned to the book to find the standard answer to mourn, or to worry about the family. I have no one to accompany the exam, and I feel that my family’s “joining the group” will only break the military heart. I didn’t bring a book, I didn’t even think about it. I have nothing to do, buy a soda and drink while walking, like a patrol.

  I have already figured out that I am going to NTU, even if the department is not ideal, and choosing a school environment with a free style of study is always more than a matter of arrogance, just filling in a few volunteers and then turning over the insurance. I think of a talent pool, the environment of the masters forced to grow up, so the six departments of the National Taiwan University College of Literature were filled. My classmates asked me: “What if I go to the archaeological department?” I said, “That is to dig the grave!” The teacher looked at my volunteer list, and also corrected the eyebrows. It was simply the hand of the person who had no idea. I still insisted on it. Fill in the end, how can life be all right? I put the school on the first place and went into the big environment.

  ”It doesn’t matter which department is taken into consideration. It is important to graduate from which department! It doesn’t matter which department you graduate from. Which line is more important in the future!” I have never thought that a joint entrance exam will be a lifetime, and the variables in the future will be very large. I have to go into my first volunteer department and change my career after graduation. After four years, I will learn from the beginning. I would rather spend a year trying to figure out which department is in the second grade. For me, Decided this life.

  After the release of the list, the lodge that was rented in Dagushan City was rushed, and it was opened. Three years of high school life left a diary, the article written, a fire, my youth years in the fire, tears into ashes. Those who are worried about joy and bitterness do not care, and do not need to save, I know that I have to go to a strange place to start from scratch, just like every stage in the past, fate gave me a blank sheet of paper.

  In the constant drift, you can feel your life with weight and meaning is the biggest gain. I left the protection of my family too early, and I learned to be independent and take care of my own life. Although it is impossible to have a happy youthful period as a general person, but also learn what the same age child can’t learn, how to make an eagle ready to take off in the wilderness. When everything is lacking and no one is supporting me, I am surprised that I can sculpt all kinds of abilities and protect myself from “out of nothing.” Such training is more important than the university in mind – or, conversely, because of this kind of training, it is possible to get to the university of mind. Young life implies various potentials,

  The sooner self-development develops, the more it can take off. It is a pity that most people are under the protection of their families. They only know how to eat fish without knowing how to build a fishing rod. In fact, learning to fish is a big training. Some people may break up the will because of broken families. Taking the harsh environment as the “Shaolin Temple period” in life, I practiced a copper wall and iron wall. Everyone grows in different predicaments, but I still believe that this kind of perseverance that loves life and pursues dreams will lead us out of the predicament. Don’t think that today is the end, because tomorrow’s sun is not the same as today.

  Looking back at my high school career, I have just started the important direction of my life in just three years. I will turn to the Chinese department and become a writer. When I was a teenager, I blamed God, and now I know how to thank you. Because when he gives you the wilderness, it means that he wants you to be a high flying eagle.