Who knows more about feelings

There is an old saying: “If you are touching your heart, don’t give priority to your feelings.” Therefore, only if you give your true feelings, can you give them back.

It is not easy to set up a factory.

As the saying goes, gold always shines. Tulongshan was originally a barren mountain that did not even grow grass. Two years ago, a boss came here and found that the whole mountain was full of high-quality marble. As a result, everyone started a stone factory here like a bunch of people.

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Some people are smarter than me.

Xiao Lan has a cousin who makes a living selling small commodities. Recently, at the instigation of a friend, she went to town to sell pirated CDs. Selling pirated CDs is risky-they can easily be caught by the urban management, confiscate the CDs without saying it, and impose fines, resulting in heavy losses.

One day, my cousin came to visit Ah P and Xiao Lan and told them about her distress. A p sympathized and asked, “is there any way to prevent the chengguan from being fined?”

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That hurts, what?

  There are many disabled people in this world. Tens of thousands of people are blind, and many of them have the greatest desire in their lives to be able to see their mothers one day.

  But I want to say that these blind people are lucky, because at least they have relatives to worry about. You know, there are tens of millions of children living in single-parent families in the world, and some of them are orphans. They have never seen their parents since they started. If there is an individual who can let them call a mother, it will be enough to make them happy.

  However, these orphans are also lucky because at least they are very healthy. You know, 3/10 people in this world have chronic diseases. There are more than 20 million critically ill patients who are lying in bed all day and cannot take care of themselves. In developing countries, about 80,000 children are abducted by traffickers every year, discounted legs, smashed or dumb, and become a tool for begging.

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Good faith message to the cruel society

  At the age of 15, I feel that swimming is difficult. I give up swimming. When I am 18, I meet someone you like and ask you to go swimming. You have to say “I won’t.” At the age of 18, I feel that English is difficult. I give up English. At the age of 28, I have a great job but I want to work in English. You have to say “I won’t.” The more troublesome the early life, the more lazy to learn, the more likely you will miss the people and things that make you tempted, and miss the new scenery.

  If you meet someone who has more money than you, please don’t kneel down automatically unless he is willing to give him his money. Usually, the rich do not give money to those who are humbled by them, so why bother?

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Pay a fair price

  Nehic asked friends to go to their home for dinner and planned to make a sauce for them. Suddenly, he realized that there was no salt at home.

  So Nehemiah called his son over.

  ”You go to the village to buy some salt, but you have to pay a fair price: neither too high nor too low.”

  His son was very surprised.

  ”Dad, if I can bargain and put the price down, can I save some money?”

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