If I want to sell a house, I will advertise on the public billboard. In order to make the advertisement stand out, I purposely picked up a piece of information and posted a piece of information on the top of the billboard.

  The next evening, when I went to the billboard, I found that my information was covered by other small advertisements, and I went home to print a new one and post it again.

  On the third day, I passed the billboard and found that my information was pressed under other advertisements. Next to a flowering grandfather said to me: “From morning to evening, almost dozens of people come here to advertise, everyone wants to put their own stickers on the top, and each advertisement can not save for one day.”

  I suddenly realized.

  In the evening, I printed another new ad and then posted it in the corner of the bottom of the billboard. As a result, it was not covered for a few days until I sold the house and then tore it off.

  If you can’t guarantee that you will occupy a high position every moment, then choosing a corner is actually a more rational choice.