Going out for a nap

  An old and thin dog looks into my yard. It can be seen from the collar and bulging belly on the neck that it is home-owned and the owner takes care of it.

  The puppy came calmly to me, and I stroked it a few times. Then, he walked into my house with me, lying down at the corner of the living room and falling asleep. After an hour it stood up and walked to the door. The next day, it came again, greeting me, then went into the living room and slept for an hour at the place where he slept the day before.

  For a few weeks, it came to my house for an hour every day. I was very surprised. I posted a note on its collar that read: “I want to know who is the owner of this sensible dog. You know that your dog comes to my house for almost an hour every day. ?”

  When the puppy came back, there was another note on the collar that read: “It lives in a home with six children, two of whom are less than three years old. The family is too noisy, so it goes out to find a place to sleep. Can I go with it tomorrow?”