When the spirit is no longer supported, it will be free. A belief is like a beheaded axe, so heavy and so light.

  Two missions to the beginning of life: keep shrinking your circles and double check where you are hiding outside your circle.

  The outside world, people always triumphantly use the theory to push the world into the pit, and they also fall into it together, but only from the inside can maintain themselves and keep the world calm and true.

  There is no end to the road, there is no reduction, there is no increase, but everyone uses their own size to measure. Admittedly, you have to finish this size road, it will make you forget.

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Between 8 and 10 pm

  When Taiwanese business genius Chen Maobang was 15 years old, he was forced to drop out of school and was the second largest bookstore in Taiwan at that time. He works 12 hours a day from morning till night. He works in a bookstore during the day and lives in the store at night. For a long time, he gradually developed the habit of reading at least two hours of books every night. He said: “When I first entered the Civilization Hall, I only graduated from elementary school. When I left in 8 years, my level of knowledge was no less than that of college students.” When speaking around the world, Chen Maobang always said to the audience: “Remember Live this sentence: The fate of a person is determined between 8 and 10 in the evening.”

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Hate and respect are two different things

  The United States and Mexico have thousands of kilometers of borders. Every day, illegal border crossings from Mexico enter the United States.

  An American named Hoover erected a blue flag in the border area and built several water stations for those “Illegal immigrants who hate people.” It turned out that after the cross-border people crossed the border into the United States, they presented the vast Arizona desert. Many people suffer from lack of fresh water, can not withstand the high temperature of the torment and thirst in the desert, although a few people survived by sucking the juice of cactus, but also suffer from kidney failure and other diseases due to extreme dehydration.

  Hoover built a network of water stations in the desert. A map of the desert was also drawn, and the location of each water station, the lighthouse at the US border checkpoint, and the dangerous locations where accidents occurred frequently were clearly marked on the map. On this map, there is also a very warning text: “Don’t do this, no water, it will kill you!” The map was distributed to Mexico and other Central American countries.

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  If I want to sell a house, I will advertise on the public billboard. In order to make the advertisement stand out, I purposely picked up a piece of information and posted a piece of information on the top of the billboard.

  The next evening, when I went to the billboard, I found that my information was covered by other small advertisements, and I went home to print a new one and post it again.

  On the third day, I passed the billboard and found that my information was pressed under other advertisements. Next to a flowering grandfather said to me: “From morning to evening, almost dozens of people come here to advertise, everyone wants to put their own stickers on the top, and each advertisement can not save for one day.”

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  In the flowerbed in front of the house, there is a piece of green grass. I used to be only ordinary grass, but it was not very good, but it was green and green. I go to work every day and pass by the flower garden. I always have to look down.

  That day, I saw several students standing by the flowers and bending over to find something.

  ”What are you looking for?”

  ”Clover,” a girl with a short hair replied, “There are four leaves, that is, the lucky grass.”

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