Paradise visitors

  Once upon a time, a liar came to a family and saw that there was only one old woman who asked him to enter the house for a while.

  The old woman asked: “Sir, where are you from?”

  The liar said, “I am coming from heaven, and I am going back now.”

  The old woman thought it was true and asked: “You must have seen my poor husband since he came from heaven. He has been dead for ten years, but he has never had any news. I don’t know what is going on now?”

  The liar said, “Oh, I have heard of your husband, but unfortunately he can’t go to heaven so far. Because he hasn’t paid a hundred francs, he has to wait outside the door of heaven.”

  The old woman couldn’t help but cry: “My poor husband! Sir, when my son comes back to discuss the matter, please ask me to give me a hundred francs!”

  The liar did not dare to see her son, saying that he was in a hurry to go back. He added: “If you don’t give me the francs quickly, let your husband wait outside the door of heaven.”

  The old woman panicked and quickly said: “Since you are busy on the road, please give him this hundred francs and hold it.”

  Soon after the liar left, the son of the old woman returned. He listened to his mother talking about this, knowing that he had been taken, he said, “Poor mother, you are stupid, how to give money to strangers? Which way does he go? Let me chase.” After all, he rode on the horse and waved his whip and flew away.

  The liar saw someone chasing and sitting on the side of the road pretending to rest.

  The old woman’s son asked: “Have you seen someone fleeing?”

  The liar said, “There was a man who rushed into the woods.”

  The dense forest, the son of the old woman, seeing the horse can’t get in, they begged the liar: “Please take care of the horse for me, can you?”

  The liar replied: “Well, let’s talk.”

  The old lady’s son ran into the woods, and the liar took the opportunity to ride a horse and fly high…

  The old woman’s son came back from the woods and disappeared from the liar. She knew that she had been taken. Had to go home in vain. The old woman asked him: “Have you caught up with the stranger?”

  Her son replied: “Catch up, I gave him the horse, so that he can go back to heaven to see Dad faster.”