Pay a fair price

  Nehic asked friends to go to their home for dinner and planned to make a sauce for them. Suddenly, he realized that there was no salt at home.

  So Nehemiah called his son over.

  ”You go to the village to buy some salt, but you have to pay a fair price: neither too high nor too low.”

  His son was very surprised.

  ”Dad, if I can bargain and put the price down, can I save some money?”

  “In a big city, this is right, but in our small village, if you do this, it will ruin the entire village.”

  After hearing the conversation between their father and son, Nehish’s guests wanted to know why they could buy cheaper salt. In this regard, Nehic replied:

  “A person is willing to sell salt at a lower than normal price. The only reason for this is that he is in desperate need of money. The person who used the favorable conditions at the time showed that he lacked respect for the workers, and the workers Producing salt is sweating and hard work.” “But such a small thing cannot destroy the entire village.”

  “At the beginning, there was only a little unfairness in the world, but since everyone thought it was a small thing, it didn’t matter at all, so that everything that the latecomers did accumulated and the world It has become what it is today.”