Some people are smarter than me.

Xiao Lan has a cousin who makes a living selling small commodities. Recently, at the instigation of a friend, she went to town to sell pirated CDs. Selling pirated CDs is risky-they can easily be caught by the urban management, confiscate the CDs without saying it, and impose fines, resulting in heavy losses.

One day, my cousin came to visit Ah P and Xiao Lan and told them about her distress. A p sympathized and asked, “is there any way to prevent the chengguan from being fined?”

Cousin said: “My friend just has a two-year-old grandson who is in her arms every day. When the chengguan caught her, she cried, and so did her grandson. It’s not easy to watch her life. The chengguan criticized and educated her and let her go. ”

Ap said, “But your son is so old and has no grandchildren. What can you do?”

“Yes, I can’t help it.” Said, and the two were lost in thought.

Just then, Xiao LAN came in with her son, who was over one year old.

A p glanced at his son, his heart brightened and he said bravely, “then lend you my son? My son is almost weaned, but he is still very young. You need Pass gut auf ihn auf! ”

Cousin was overjoyed when she heard this: “brother-in-law, if you lend me your cousin, I promise to take good care of him, take care of his food and medical care, and never let the child suffer any injustice.” How about giving you a share when you make money? ”

P nodded and asked Xiao LAN to give her son to her cousin.

After his son borrowed it, Ah P was still not at ease. A week later, AP sneaked into the city to see how his son was doing with his cousin. He searched all over the city and finally saw his cousin’s shadow under an overpass. Cousin held out a compact disc in one hand and the son of a p in the other. she was trying to sell it to passers-by. “please be kind. my son is ill and has no money to be hospitalized. I have no way to do it. I just came out to do some small business. please be kind.” Faced with cousin’s “crying”, some pedestrians stopped, took the cousin’s CD in one hand and handed the money in the other. Some simply throw the money to their cousin and don’t want the CD.

A p Xi Xi smiled and a bad idea came up in his heart. He pinched his throat and shouted: “The city management is coming, run!”

Cousin did not run, but she heard her son cry with a “wow”. Cousin also closed her eyes and cried, “Urban Management comrade, I will never dare again. I only sell CDs for the sake of children. Please leave us alone. ”

Seeing my cousin scared like this, Ah P laughed loudly: “Cousin, it’s me!”

Cousin opened her eyes, which relieved her. she complained to AP and said, “I really thought it was the chengguan. You really are. Look, your son is crying. ”

O P hurriedly took his son and looked from left to right. He was fine. He had not seen him for a few days. His son had grown fat, his face was pink and his mouth was grinning. He was better off than being raised at home.

Ah P said confidently, “Cousin, I am passing by here, and I’d like to stop by. Then you are busy, I’ll go first! ”

P came home and told Xiao LAN what he had seen. Xiao LAN was relieved.

A P looked triumphant and said, “How about it, wife? Aren’t you tired of bringing your children? Now that your son is not around, can you relax a little? ”

Xiao LAN sighed and said, “it’s hard to bring children, but I don’t have any. I have nothing to do all day and feel carefree. Husband, I want to go out to work. ”

Hearing this, Ah P rolled his eyes and thought, “Yes, my son is not at home. Why does Xiao Lan still stay at home?” Waste of resources! Yes, she should find a job! A P turned on the computer and tried to find it on the Internet. Nanny, hourly worker, nursing … were not suitable. Just when he was disappointed, a word jumped into his eyes: wet nurse! Yes, the child has already been handed over to her cousin. Xiao LAN’s milk is useless. isn’t it wasted? Why not rent Xiao LAN out as a wet nurse?

The idea has been decided. AP told Xiao LAN many advantages of being a wet nurse, and Xiao LAN was willing to do it. As a result, AP continued to search online and soon found an intermediary company that recruited wet nurses. AP immediately negotiated the price with the other party and reached a cooperation agreement online.

The next day, Xiao LAN packed up and went out to be a wet nurse.

Looking at the figure of Xiao Lan leaving, O P became more and more be very pleased with oneself. He thought: I don’t have to take care of the children and serve my wife myself, not only saving a lot of energy, but also I can think of some ideas to make some money! This is called What? This is called a ten thousand dollar book! Such a good thing, in addition to my P, who else can think of?

The more P thinks about it, the happier he is. He stays at home every day to drink a little wine and sing a little song. At the weekend, Xiao LAN’s income was taken back and shared with her cousin, who also took a look at her fat son. The life is very leisurely.

One day, Ah P was watching TV at home when her cousin came in a hurry, still holding her son in her arms.

When Ah P saw this, he said happily, “Cousin, did you send me the share so early? He also volunteered to come. ”

Cousin panted heavily and said, “what share will you give us when the time comes?” Come and see, your son is ill. ”

Hearing this, Ah P immediately folded up his smile and took a look at his son. He was shocked. I saw my son’s eyes were blank, his voice was hoarse from crying, and his body was still burning.

Ah P was anxious and asked, “What’s wrong with my son?”

Cousin said: “this morning, when I woke up, I found your son suddenly had a high fever. I immediately took him to the hospital and had an injection. No, the fever has subsided, but he doesn’t want to drink the milk I fed him. I thought to myself, send the baby back and let Xiao LAN feed her. ”

O P took another look at weak with sickness’s son and immediately called Xiao Lan’s Employment Company to ask Xiao Lan to leave. But the other said coldly, “No way! The contract is still early. Besides, your wife is working as a wet nurse for other children and cannot walk away. ”

In desperation, AP turned on the computer and searched for “wet nurse” on the internet, and found the information of renting wet nurse.

A P immediately went to contact. Although the asking price is higher than that of renting out his wife, he has to admit it for the sake of the children’s flour.

Ah P held his son in his arms and waited anxiously for the arrival of the wet nurse. During this period, he also called several times to urge, however, the wet nurse did not come, Xiao LAN came back. O P was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly asked, “Xiao Lan, why are you back? Not to say, can’t you come back? ”

Xiao LAN said: “I am also surprised to hear that you rented me back?”

A P said doubtfully: “Where do I rent you? I want you to come back from leave!”

Xiao Lan said in distress: “Where do you know that my boss rented a lot of people to work as wet nurses at low prices and then sublet them at high prices, so I was sublet back by you.”

“Sublet?” O P shine at the moment, and then ruthlessly hit his head, “good idea! Unexpectedly, how can there be anyone in this world who is smarter than me or P? “