Surrealistic diagnosis

  One day, Peter told his friend: “My elbow seems to have problems. I think I should go to the doctor.”

  His friend told him: “Don’t do this. There is a computer in a pharmacy. It can diagnose any disease. It is faster and cheaper than a doctor. You can diagnose it by providing a urine sample. Come out, what’s wrong with you, and remind you of the right treatment, just spend $10 at a time.”

  Peter thought, there was no risk anyway, so he prepared a urine sample and decided to give it a try. He found the pharmacy and found the computer. He poured the urine into the test area and then invested another $10. The computer stretched out a probe, and then there was a flash of light. After only a short period of time, the computer spit out a printed small note: “You have a tennis elbow; you can treat the elbow in warm water; Reduce elbow movement; it will improve after about two weeks.”

  In the evening, Peter returned home. He thought that the computer was amazing. It was incredible. He wondered if he was fooled. He decided to test the accuracy of the following machines.

  He took some tap water and then took some of the puppy’s stool, plus the urine of his daughter and his wife. He carefully mixed the things together and made a new sample.

  The next day, he returned to the pharmacy, poured the sample in, and then invested $10. The machine started to work as usual, and soon a new report was made: “The tap water is harder and needs to be softened; your puppy has a worm in its belly, which should be wormed; your daughter takes drugs and recommends detoxification immediately. Treatment; your wife is pregnant, I suggest you go to a lawyer, because the child is not yours. Also, for this prank, you took more than four specimens, elbows carried out a series of complicated labor, like this Your tennis elbow is not saved.”