Who knows more about feelings

There is an old saying: “If you are touching your heart, don’t give priority to your feelings.” Therefore, only if you give your true feelings, can you give them back.

It is not easy to set up a factory.

As the saying goes, gold always shines. Tulongshan was originally a barren mountain that did not even grow grass. Two years ago, a boss came here and found that the whole mountain was full of high-quality marble. As a result, everyone started a stone factory here like a bunch of people.

Li Ji is a foreigner, he also took a fancy to bald Longshan, became the boss of the sixth stone factory in bald Longshan. However, it was not long before the factory was set up, and troubles followed: his factory had quarrymen and porters, but only one stone cutter was missing.

The stonecutter is regarded as a technical type of work in the whole stone factory. When large pieces of stone are transported to the factory, they are cut by the stonecutter to make plates. The cut slabs must be regular, smooth and smooth. They cannot be done without certain skills and experience. Without a stonecutter, a stone factory would not be able to produce stone and work. Ricky was in a rash. What should I do?

Just when Ricky was in a hurry, someone came to him on his own initiative. This man, Yuan Jianjian, is in his 40s. He used to work as a stonecutter in another stone factory in Tulongshan. Recently, he was dismissed by that stone factory for some reason. Yuan Jianjian said that he has been a stonecutter for more than two years and is the oldest of all the stonecutters in Tulongshan Stone Factory. If Li Ji needs to cut stonecutters, he can come here.

This is really sleepy. Someone handed the pillow. Li Ji was overjoyed and quickly signed the employment contract with him.

To Li Ji’s surprise, the stone cutting technology built by Yuan Jian is first-class, and it is difficult for the whole bald Longshan to meet such a good stone cutter.

Like a collector picking up a leak, Li Jizhao such workers, the in the mind is happy and some not steadfast, how can such a good person be picked up by himself? Once, Li Ji met the boss of the factory before Yuan Jianshe. He could not help but ask the other party why Yuan Jianshe had been dismissed.

The boss of the other party froze for one moment, then laughed: “He is very nice, but he is not suitable for working in our factory. How can there be so much stress in dismissing a worker? If you really want someone to give you a reason for dismissal, ask the boss of Hongyun Stone Factory. He was expelled by Hongyun’s boss before he came to my factory. ”

Ricky’s heart thumped, if a person is expelled from one factory and is expelled from two factories in a row by chance, then there is a problem, and the problem is big. Li Ji wanted to find out the problem and prevent it as soon as possible, so he went to Hongyun Stone Factory and found the boss.

The boss of Hongyun Stone Factory still did not tell Li Ji the reason for his dismissal, but he said one thing: “In fact, Yuan Jian was dismissed by two factories before he came to work in my factory. He only worked in each factory for half a year.”

Li Ji’s heart sank. So Yuan Jianshe has been expelled from four factories? What good is a person who has been fired four times in a row? This man must be in big trouble.

After that, Li Ji secretly observed Yuan Jianshe, but found no problems. In this way, half a year has passed, and it is the day stipulated by the county to give employees a physical examination.

One day after the physical examination, Li Ji went to the hospital to get the results of the physical examination. when he saw yuan Jian’s physical examination form, his heart thumped. only yuan Jian’s physical examination form said: “irregular shadows are seen in both lungs. it is recommended to review.”

Being a boss requires conscience.

Ricky went to the doctor with the medical examination report. The doctor said: “The film shows that this man has shadows on both lungs. Considering his occupation, we suspect that he may have silicosis, but further examination is needed to confirm the diagnosis.”

Ricky brain inside “om”, he knew that the doctor’s words mean.

Silicosis is an occupational disease. People inhale a large amount of rock dust and deposit it in the lungs to cause diseases. For serious patients, dust inhaled into lung inside will form stones in lung inside. According to national regulations, if an employee suffers from silicosis due to work, the unit to which the employee belongs shall be responsible for the treatment of the sick employee and shall also make compensation. The expenditure on medical expenses and compensation for patients is a huge expenditure.

Li Ji looked sad, but the doctor pointed to the name of Yuan Jian on the medical report and asked him, “Is this Yuan Jian from your factory?”

Ricky nodded his head.

The doctor said: “I have some impression of this name. When I was doing a physical examination for an employee of a stone factory six months ago, it seemed that there was also a man named Yuan Jianshe, whose lung inside was shadowed. We asked him to come for a reexamination, but he never came …”

Hearing this, Li Ji’s heart suddenly jumped. he came to his senses and quickly asked, “did you say yuan Jian found lung problems six months ago? What about the medical report at that time? You show me. ”

The doctor said: “We all gave the medical examination report to the boss of the factory, and they took it away.”

“You should always have a record when doing physical examinations. Please, help me find out.” Li Ji knew in his heart that if there was evidence that Yuan Jianshe had contracted silicosis six months ago, he would not have to pay compensation. He passed cigarettes and spoke well to the doctor. Finally, the doctor could not hold him up and begged him to check the past records.

This check, however, found four physical examination records about Yuan Jianshe, whose name is one person, but whose manufacturer is different. The time for physical examination varies. The earliest was two years ago, the latest was six months ago. All four records show that Yuan Jian has shadows on both lungs.

Four physical examination records of different factories coincided with Yuan’s frequent factory changes. These past records can prove that Yuan Jiancheng’s lung has long had problems. Compensation should not be borne by himself.

The doctor, however, head, poured cold water on him: “This is only a film record. He never came to have a reexamination. We have never diagnosed him with silicosis. If it is now confirmed that he has silicosis in your factory, of course you, the boss, will be responsible. ”

The doctor’s words made Li Ji’s mood gloomy. Li Ji pondered and finally understood why yuan Jian was expelled from every stone factory only in the first half of the year, and when he went to those factories to ask, the bosses were very secretive about the reason why yuan Jian was dismissed. In fact, those bosses just looked at Yuan Jianshe’s medical report and worried that he was suffering from silicosis. They were responsible for it. Therefore, they hid the medical report and found a reason to open Yuan Jianshe. When Yuan Jianshe was started, the big deal was to pay Yuan Jianshe an extra three months’ salary as unemployment compensation according to the stipulations of the contract. This was compared with the huge treatment and compensation costs, but it was only nine Niu Yi hairs!

The previous four stone factory owners have set an example for Li Ji. So, can they learn from their practice and find any reason to dismiss Yuan Jianshe?

Migrant workers have feelings in their lungs.

Li Ji pondered all night. The next morning, he invited Yuan Jianshe into the office, took out the medical report and handed it over.

Yuan Jianshe took the report and looked at it. It seemed that some of them did not understand it. He asked, “This is What Do You Mean? you gave me.”

Ricky said: “This is your physical examination report. There are shadows on your lungs. The doctor suspects that you may have silicosis.”

Li Ji spoke carefully and told him the sad news, but Yuan Jian did not show any nervousness, but remained calm: “I know. I want to ask you, you will give me this report, is to want to … ”

“I want you to review. If we have a disease, we can take the time to cure it. ”

Yuan Jianshe was surprised: “You mean, let me cure the disease? You’re not going to fire me? ”

This time it was Li Ji’s turn to be surprised: “why should I fire you? You are the best employee in our factory, why should I fire you? ” Then he lowered his head and sighed, “to be honest, I didn’t think so at all. If you are diagnosed with silicosis, I’m afraid the money I earned from setting up a factory for half a year is not enough to compensate you. But people always have to have a conscience. Your illness is caused by the job of cutting stones. Can I ignore your life with my conscience? I can’t do such a thing. ”

Yuan Jianjian listened with red eyes. He lowered his head and took a deep breath. Then he grabbed the medical report, tore two of the three into pieces and said, “Review the bird! Boss Li, I can’t die. Don’t worry, I’ll help you cut stones. ”

Does mountain people know nothing? Ricky quickly reached out and stopped him, explaining to him that what is silicosis should not be taken lightly.

Yuan Jianshe said, “Boss Li, I am a stonecutter. How can I not understand silicosis? The body is my own, of course I am more careful than anyone else. To be honest, the day before you took us to the medical examination, I took a day off, didn’t I? In fact, I went to a hospital in a neighboring county to take a film. ” Yuan Jianjian opened his work bag, pulled out a piece of film and a report from the inside, and handed it to Li Ji. when Li Ji looked at it, the lungs on the film were relaxed and there was no shadow. the report said “normal”.

This is strange. One day apart, how can the medical examination reports made by the two hospitals be completely different? Seeing Li Ji’s face full of doubts, Yuan Jianshe said shyly, “Boss Li, I lied to you. When you took me to the physical examination, the film you made was fake. To tell you the truth, not only this time, I have already made several fake films. ” He sat down again and spoke slowly.

Two years ago, Yuan Jianjian worked in the first stone factory and took part in the first physical examination. The day after the physical examination, the boss informed him that he was dismissed. Yuan Jianshe is a wise man, thinking that this may be related to physical examination. So he secretly got the medical examination form and found that there was something wrong with his lung.

Yuan Jianshe immediately understood that the boss was willing to fire him and pay him an extra three months’ salary in order to avoid expensive medical expenses and compensation. Yuan Jianjian could not swallow this tone. He wanted to safeguard his legitimate rights and interests. As a result, he went to a more authoritative hospital to take films, check up and confirm his illness. Results After the examination in the provincial capital hospital, there was nothing wrong with his lung. He froze and showed the medical examination form to the doctor, who looked at it for half a day and asked, “did you have anything on you when you were filming in the county hospital?”

The doctor asked, yuan Jianshe suddenly realize. On the day of the medical examination, he was wearing a piece of yupei, the piece of yupei which was given by his friend on his birthday. yupei has a unique shape, with a round stone pendant on each side. It turned out to be so, Yuan Jianshe breathed a sigh of relief. After that, he moved his mind and made two round iron plates, which he used for every medical examination. As a result, he received three more months’ salary in several stone factories in a row.

Speaking of which, Yuan Jianjian sighed with a long sigh: “If it weren’t for the boss’s black heart, I wouldn’t have fooled the money. Like you, I can’t cheat. At first, I felt a sense of accomplishment every time I cheated. But the later, the colder my heart became. We worked for our boss and worked hard for him. Why is he such a virtue? Fortunately, I finally met you. Boss Li, you’re the only boss who didn’t step on me and said that you were willing to take responsibility for my illness. Today’s move against you is a good boss who warms my heart. I will be dead set on working with you in the future. I promise not to blink my eyes. Moreover, I promise, I can also help you recruit a large number of local migrant workers who are willing to give up their lives and work for you. Do you believe it or not? ”

“Can you help me recruit a large number of local migrant workers? How? ”

Yuan Jianshe blinked wittily: “To tell you the truth, I have passed on my clever trick of cheating dirty boss’s money to many villagers. Didn’t every factory worker have a physical examination yesterday? Needless to say, today many villagers will be dismissed by their boss for various reasons. Don’t you just talk about changing your mind? When we are migrant workers, we value money, but we value that favor more. With a boss like you, who do we not follow? ”

Yuan Jianshe was right. On that day, many local migrant workers reported to his factory. A year later, Li Ji’s stone factory became the most popular and profitable factory in Tulongshan. The bosses of the five factories do not understand one thing. They are all local people. How can they beat a foreigner? And how can migrant workers who have lung problems and have been expelled from their jobs not get sick when they arrive at Li Ji’s factory and still have the strength to work? Perhaps they did not understand until they died. Migrant workers’ lungs are fickle and understand their feelings.