No mistake

I passed the examination and entered the county internal revenue service. I was placed in the office to do some errands such as receiving documents.

One morning, a few people in the office were chatting when suddenly footsteps sounded at the door. We all thought which leader was coming. We quickly put the brakes on the topic and sat upright.

Nazhi waited for a while, and an old man appeared at the door, looking timidly inside. We immediately breathed a sigh of relief. our colleague Li dajie spoke loudly and asked with a smile, “hey, what can I do for you?”

The old man, with a silly smile on his face, listened to Li Dajie and asked him. He hesitated for a moment and crept in. However, he kept touching his legs and did not speak. I politely asked, “Sir, what can I do for you?”

The old man said, “comrade, are your leaders there? I want to find him. ”

Our director is in the upstairs office, but I can’t just let him go up. I asked him what he wanted from the leader.

The old man paused and began to talk. It turns out that this old man, surnamed Wang, is from Qingshui Township and picked up a female doll a few years ago. I could have gone to school this year, but the school did not accept it, saying that the children had no registered permanent residence. The police station did not admit him into the account either, saying that he had no adoption procedures and had to ask the Civil Affairs Bureau to make up for them. However, the Civil Affairs Bureau thinks that he does not meet the adoption requirements. Unable to solve the problem in the village, he had to run to the county … before he finished speaking, a room full of people were happy.

Li Dajie burst out laughing and said that the incident had nothing to do with the Internal Revenue Service. However, the old man came to us in a muddle of inside. A room full of people, just I didn’t smile, the in the mind still have a little faint grieved. This Wang Laohan is an honest farmer at first sight. He doesn’t ask anyone. Although he talks about difficult things, he still smiles on his face. This reminds me of my country’s simple and honest old father, who couldn’t laugh.

Wang Laohan saw others laughing and followed him with a little bewildered smile. I said to him with some sadness, “uncle, you are barking up the wrong tree. This is the Internal Revenue Service. You should go to the Education Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau or the Public Security Bureau for this matter. ”

“Oh, the wrong number!” Wang Laohan listened to my words, as if he had been hit by a bullet. He immediately froze in place, and the smile on his face slowly faded. He muttered to himself: “Wrong, wrong …” His face was very disappointed, but he did not turn around and walk out. Instead, he stood blankly, and then looked at me with eyes for help.

I was about to explain to him again when the director came. Li Dajie quickly replaced Wang Laohan in saying what she had come for. After hearing this, the director also smiled and said to Mr. Wang, “sir, we are in charge of the internal revenue service. there is no way to solve your problem.”

Wang Laohan wait for a while nodded, but still stood stupidly. The director thought for a moment and then said, “go to the education bureau and ask. I’ll send a comrade to take you.”

This kind of errand-running task naturally falls on me, a newcomer. The education bureau is only one block away, and I took Mr. Wang slowly across. Arriving at the gate of the education bureau, Wang suddenly stopped, shook his head and said, “I’ve been here.”

I was shocked: “have you been here? What did they say? ”

Wang’s face was perplexed, and he murmured, “They asked me to go to what bureau, and the other place also asked me to go to what bureau. I can’t remember this or that. Anyway, they said I didn’t find the right one. Let me go somewhere else. ”

I visited Stun. I thought it was the first time he had come to town to do business, so I got into the IRS by mistake. According to what he said, I don’t know how many trips he had made before, and the relevant units must have looked for it.

Wang Laohan retreated to a corner near the gate, inside, squatted down and looked at the street at a loss. I squatted down beside him in the past and asked him again. Only then did I know that he had already traveled to several related units and had been sent out. After listening to other people’s advice, he went to the county government to appeal to the higher authorities for help. The answer he got was to go to the relevant departments to solve the problem. Over the past few days, he has been looking for relevant departments in the city every day, with predictable results.

I see, he is a ball! I don’t know how many people kicked the ball! Unfortunately, he did not know that he was being kicked by others. Looking at this wussy old man, my heart is full of acid. But what can one do with a small clerk who has just entered the business?

I squatted with him for a while and said, “Don’t think about it, sir. I’ll take you to dinner.”

Wang was flattered and even said no. Finally, I could not resist my enthusiasm and followed me into a small restaurant opposite. I ordered two dishes, then settled the bill and said to him, “take your time, sir. I have to go back to work.”

Wang Laohan stood up, his face anxious and scared: “You, you … me, me …”

I was suddenly ashamed. I understand that he has regarded me as a trustworthy person. In these days when he was looking for a job, inside, perhaps I was the best speaker he had ever met.

I blushed and said, “uncle, you still have to find the education bureau, you can try them again. Really, I, I can’t help you. ” Say, I a cruel, twist a head out of the hotel, quickly walked to the unit. Along the way, I kept repeating in my heart: “uncle, uncle, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, I am more than I can handle!” All I can do is buy you a meal.

Back to the unit, my colleagues listened to me and immediately fell silent. Then, the office of inside a sigh.

After a while, I’m going to the street to buy some office supplies. When I came back, I just walked to the gate and saw Wang Laohan squatting aside. Seeing me, he stood up at once and shouted at me urgently: “comrade!”

I was stunned and asked him, “uncle, have you been to the education bureau? Why are you back? ”

“No, I didn’t go.” Wang shook his head and inside looked at me hopefully. “I, I want to find your leader.”

I felt extremely sad in my heart: he really had no place to find and took our IRS as his last hope. Perhaps he has found so many units that he has never seen a leader. In his mind, the problem can be solved once he sees the leader.

I didn’t know what to say at the moment. Wang Laohan grabbed my shoulder with his hand and implored, “Comrade, help me, will you please show me your leader?”

“Uncle, it is useless for you to find our leader.” I feel my eyes are wet, “you are really barking up the wrong tree. Although we sympathize with you very much, we can’t help it. This is the Internal Revenue Service. It can’t solve your problem. ”

Wang Laohan slowly let go of my hand. He stayed in a daze for a while. Tears streamed down his face and said tearfully, “I didn’t find the wrong door. I didn’t find the wrong door. Why do you say I found the wrong door? For what all don’t do for me … “His whole body trembling, more say more excited, involuntarily around the circle at the door, as if crazy.

Suddenly, Wang pointed at the top of the gate and said loudly, “I am not blind, I can still see! This is a national thing, here is the state organ … ”

When I looked up, my heart suddenly quivered. He was pointing at the tax badge hanging on the gate. Then, he pointed to the above words and said, “although I don’t know many words, I know the word” people “on it! This is a place for people to handle affairs, but why is there no one to handle affairs … ”

It suddenly dawned on me that the reason why he crashed into the IRS was because he decided that the place with the badge and the word “people” was the state organ that worked for the people. How does he know what this is and what it is?

I couldn’t help it any longer. I went up and hugged Mr. Wang and said loudly, “sir, you haven’t picked the wrong door! I’ll take you to the leader! ” But he seemed to have lost my hearing and still kept talking to himself.

I let go of Mr. Wang and ran upstairs, knocking on the door of the director’s office. After hearing what I said, the director hesitated for a few seconds, then gently struck the table and said, “let’s go, I’ll go and have a look!”

Walking to the gate, I saw Wang Laohan still pointing fingers at the gate and talking incessantly. The director sighed, stepped forward quickly and took his hand firmly: “uncle, leave this matter to me! Go, now I will take you to the county leaders! ”

Due to the personal appearance of the director and the instructions of the county leaders, Wang’s problem was successfully solved in only three days. To our surprise, Wang sent a thank-you letter half a month later. After reading it, it was somewhat unpleasant: I sincerely thank the Internal Revenue Service for helping me solve the problems of adoption procedures, residence registration and schooling for my children.