An autumn rain depends on the night. A rickshaw pulled me, climbed up and down a few times between the steep slopes of the Omori area, and finally stopped in front of a small house surrounded by bamboo. The door was very narrow, and the gray paint had gradually peeled off. I saw the light on the driver’s door and saw the porcelain doorplate nailed to the door. It was written in Japanese: Indian Mattiam Mishra. Only this house number on the door is new.

  Speaking of Matillam Mishra, maybe you are no stranger. Born in Kolkata, Mishra has been committed to India’s independence for many years and is a patriotic. At the same time, he also learned from a famous Brahman, a man named Hassan Gan, who learned a set of secrets and became a master of magic at a young age. Just a month ago, after a friend introduced me, I had a relationship with Mishra and talked about political economy and other issues. As for his magic, I have never seen it once. So, I wrote a letter in advance, asked him to show his skills and show me the magic. So, tonight, I urged the rickshaw driver to rush to the end of Omori, the secluded Misra apartment.
  I was drenched in the rain, and by the dim light from the driver, I rang the doorbell under the house. Soon, at the door, a short Japanese grandmother poked her head out. It is the old maid of Misra.

  ”Mr. Mishra is at home?”
  ” Yes
  , I am waiting for you.” The old maid was kind and said, and immediately took me to the room opposite Mishra across the door.
  ”Good evening, it’s raining, it’s hard to come to you for a cold house. It’s welcome.”
  Misra’s face was dark, his eyes were big, and he had a soft beard. He screwed the wick of the kerosene lamp on the table and chilled with me in spirit.
  ”Where, as long as you can see your magic, this is what it is.”
  I sat down in the chair and looked around, the dim light of the kerosene lamp, and the room was gloomy.
  This is a simple Western-style room with a table in the middle and a large-sized bookshelf against the wall. There is also a coffee table in front of the window. In addition, there is only the chair we are sitting on. Moreover, the coffee table and the chairs are very old, and even the beautiful tablecloth embroidered with safflower on the four sides is now worn out, and it is about to break into pieces.
  After the chilling, I listened to the sound of Zhe Li, who was playing bamboo forest outside, intentionally or unintentionally. Russian, the old maid came to the black tea. Mishra opened the cigar box and asked:
  ”How? Come to one?”
  ”Thank you.”
  I was not polite, picked up a cigarette, crossed the match and asked:
  ”The elf that you drive, seems to be called ‘Golden’? Then the magic that I want to see later, is also the power of ‘Gold’?”
  Misra himself also ordered one. Slightly smiled, spit out a cigarette, the taste is quite good.
  ”I believe that there are elves such as ‘Golden’. It is the idea of ​​hundreds of years ago. It can also be said to be the myth of the Arabian Nights era. I learned from the magic of Hassan Gan, if you want to learn, it is not difficult. Mastery. In fact, it is nothing more than a progressive hypnotism. – You see, the hand just has to do this.”
  Mishra raised her hand and made two or three times in front of my eyes, like a triangle. Shape, then put your hand on the table, and picked up a red flower embroidered on the edge of the tablecloth. I was shocked. I couldn’t help but move the chair closer. I carefully looked at the flower. It was really good, until I was the one in the pattern on the tablecloth. Mishra sent the flowers to my nose, and I even smelled a strong smell like musk. This is really incredible, and I am amazed. Mishra still smiled slightly, and put the flowers back on the tablecloth. Needless to say, when the flower falls on the tablecloth, it is restored to the original embroidered pattern, not to mention the picking, even a petal is also trying to make it move.
  ”How, very simple? Please look at this oil lamp this time.”
  Mishra said, moving the oil lamp on the table a little bit, but for some reason, this move, the oil lamp is like a gyro, dripping The ground turned. However, the oil lamp stood firmly in the position with the lampshade as the axis, and it turned very fiercely. At the beginning, I was very worried. I was afraid that if I had a fire, I couldn’t help it. However, Misra is still sipping black tea, not at all. Later, I also braved the courage, and fixed my eyes on the oil lamp that was getting faster and faster.
  When the lamp umbrella rotates, a wind comes out, and the yellow-yellow flame burns in it. It is a spectacle, and there is really no beauty. This time, the oil lamp turned fast, and finally, it was almost impossible to see the rotation, and it was thought to be transparent and still. I suddenly found out that the oil lamp did not know when it had been restored to its original state. The good end was still on the table, and the lampshade was unbiased and there was no such thing as a trace.
  ”Is it strange? Deceive the children’s gadgets. If you are interested, please ask for something else.”
  Mishra turned her head back and looked at the bookshelf against the wall. Then, she reached out to the bookshelf and moved her fingers like a caller. So the books on the bookshelf moved in one book and flew automatically. On the table. And the flying method, like the bat flying in the summer dusk, spreads the book covers on both sides and dances in the air. I have a cigar in my mouth and stare at the scene. In the dim oil light, a book flies freely, and then organized in an orderly form – a pyramid on the table. However, when the book on the bookshelf did not leave all the flying, the one that flew first immediately moved, and then flew back to the bookshelf.
  The most interesting thing is that one of the thin paperback books, like a wing, unfolds the book cover, fluttering into the air, and after flying a circle on the table, suddenly the page rustles and is planted on my lap. I don’t know what’s going on, pick it up and see it. It’s a new French novel. I remember I just lent it to Mishra a week ago.
  ”I have been watching it for so long, thank you.”
  Mishra still smiled and thanked me. Of course, most of the books at this time have already flown back from the table to the bookshelf. In my heart, I woke up like a big dream, but I forgot the guest, but remembered the words of Mithra: “My magic, if you want to learn, it is not difficult to master.”
  ”The magic of your ability, though early I heard something, but I didn’t expect it to be so magical. You only said that people like me can learn and learn. Isn’t that a joke?”
  “Of course, you can learn. No matter who you can, you can learn without any effort. But there is only one point…” Misra said halfway, his eyes fixed on me, using a different kind of serious tone to say:
  ”Only one thing, people with selfish desires can’t learn. Want to learn Hassan Gan magic, we must first remove all desires, you do get it? ” ”
  I want to be able to do. ”
  my lips promised, he may always felt wrong, but immediately added something like:
  .” As long as you are willing to teach ”
  but In the eyes of Mishra, there was a look of doubt. I am afraid that it is considered that there will be more rudeness, and it will be rude.
  ”Well, I will teach you. Although it is easy to learn, it takes a while to learn. After all, please stay in the house tonight.”
  ”It is too disturbing.”
  I taught me magic because of Mithraken . Happy, thank you again and again. Kemisla did not care about this and calmly stood up from the chair.
  ”Apo, Grandma, guests have to stay overnight tonight, please prepare a bed.”
  I was very excited, even the ash had forgotten to bounce off, could not help but look up at the face of Misra and amiable, he was facing the oil lamp, bathed in Under a piece of light.
  I learned magic from Mishra, and I have been in it for more than a month. It was also an autumn rainy night. In a house in a club in Ginza, I and five or six friends sat around the fire and chatted happily.
  Perhaps it is located in the center of Tokyo, outside the window, although the rain drenches the endless stream of cars and carriage roofs, but it is different from Omori, and can’t hear the bleak sound of rain and bamboo.
  Of course, the laughter and laughter in the window, the bright lights, the large leather chair of the Moroccan leather, and the smooth and dazzling parquet floor, all of which are not the ones that Mishra looked like when there was a fairy. Compared.
  We shrouded in the smog of cigars and talked about hunting and horse racing. Then one of the friends threw the cigars that had not been sucked into the stove and turned to me and said,
  ” I heard that you are learning magic recently. How about? Tonight Let’s take a look at the spot, how?”
  ”Of course.”
  I leaned my head on the back of the chair and replied arrogantly with a magician’s head.
  ”So, everything is pleased. Please come to a magical point, you can’t play the tricks on the rivers and lakes.”
  It seems that everyone agrees, moving the chairs one by one, urging me to look at me, so I stood up without hesitation.
  ”Please look carefully. I am magic, neither imaginary nor fake.”
  Saying, I rolled up the cuffs of both hands and picked up a hot charcoal fire from the fire and placed it on the palm of my hand. This little trick, perhaps already frightened the friends around me. They looked at each other and stayed in front of them, fearing that I would be burnt by the fire, otherwise it would be fine
  , I would rather have me retreat. And I, more The hair was calm and calm. Slowly put the charcoal fire on the palm of your hand in front of everyone, then slammed it on the parquet floor, and the charcoal fire spread. In a flash, a different sound of rain suddenly sounded on the floor. After the window, the sound of Zhejiang Li. It was a red charcoal fire. When I left my palm, it became countless dazzling gold coins, and the raindrops spilled on the floor.
  Several friends were as if they were in a dream, they forgot. Appreciate.
  ”Just give the ugly first two times.” ”
  I was so proud that I sat back in the chair slowly.
  ”Is this all true gold coins?” ”
  They were shocked and stunned, and finally a friend asked me, it was five minutes later.
  ”The real gold coins.” Do not believe, you can pick it up and see. ”
  I won’t burn it?” ”
  A friend gingerly picked up a gold coin from the floor, look up.
  ” Exactly, is the true gold mile. Hey, tea house, take a broom and a broom, and sweep the gold coins into a pile. The
  tea house immediately took care of it, sweeping the gold coins on the ground and piled up a hill on the table next to it. Several friends gathered around the table, and you said a word to me, and I was full of praise for my magic.
  ”Look, total The value is twenty thousand yuan. ”
  Where, it seems to be more.” If it is piled up on a delicate and meticulous table, I think it is enough to crush the table. ”
  In any case, the magic you learned is really amazing.” In a moment, black coal became a gold coin. ”
  ”Let’s go on like this. If you don’t go to a week, you will be able to go with Iwasaki. Mitsui will be a millionaire.” I still leaned on the chair, spit in the mouth and said:
  ”Where is it. I This hand magic, once the desire is smoldering, it will not work. So, even though it is a pile of gold coins, since you have seen it, I should immediately throw it back into the original stove.” A
  few friends listened together and they opposed it. Said: It is a pity to restore such a large pile of money to coal fire. However, I had an appointment with Mishra, and I stubbornly argued with my friends. I have to throw the coins back into the fire. At this time, a friend who was known for his scornful smile sneered.
  ”You have to restore this pile of gold coins to coal fire, and we are not willing. This argument goes on, and it is said that it will never finish. In my opinion, you can use this pile of gold coins as a bet, let’s play If you win, this pile of gold coins will turn into a coal fire as you like, and anything else, how to deal with how to deal with it. Once we win, this pile of gold coins will have to be returned to us. In this way, no one will make irresponsible remarks, are they happy?”
  For this suggestion, I still shook my head and refused to agree with it. However, this friend became more and more ridiculous, and looked at me and the gold coins on the table. He said,
  ”You don’t play cards with us. I am afraid that I don’t want to let us get this pile of gold coins.” What do you say is magic, you have to give up what you want. So, isn’t you doubtful about your determination?”
  “No, no, I am not reluctant to give it to you. Change back to coal fire.”
  ”That’s good, let’s play cards.”
  This is repeated three times and five times, and I will fight for it. I will only make it difficult. Finally, I have to use the gold coins on the table as a gambling book. And they competed at the table. Of course, they were all happy. They immediately took a deck of cards and surrounded a table at the corner of the room. “Hurry up,” and urged me to hesitate.
  So, in desperation, my friends and I barely played a lot of cards. But I don’t know what’s going on. I usually have a bad hand in playing cards, but it was unbelievable that I won a big win that night. Moreover, what is even more strange is that I didn’t have any interest at the beginning, and I gradually found it interesting. After ten minutes of work, I forgot to do so.
  Several of them originally planned to divide my pile of gold coins into a single spot, and then deliberately arranged a game. But now, one by one, they are all eager to change their face, desperate, and also fight for Win or lose. However, no matter how hard they are, I not only lost one at a time, but at the end I won a lot of money, almost as many gold coins. So, the scheming friend, like a madman, pushed the card to me in an imposing manner and said:
  ”Come on, take one. I take all the property to make a bet. Real estate, real estate, horses, cars, dump All of them, gamble with you. And you, in addition to those gold coins, plus those who win, all are on!” In
  an instant, the selfish desires of the heart looked up. This time, if you are not lucky, not only the gold coins piled up on the table, but even I can hardly win the money. In the end, I have to call these several families to take away. However, if this can win, all the other property of the other party will be transferred to me. In the midst of this millennium, if you don’t borrow the magic, what is the meaning of the hard learning magic! In this way, I can’t wait, secretly let the magic, to say the momentum of a deadly war:
  ”Okay. You please first.”
  ”Nine o’clock.”
  ”Old K!”
  I won and arrogant, shouted, pulled out The card is sent to the face of the face who is blue. However, the strange thing is that the old K on the card is attached to the soul, lifted the head wearing the crown, and suddenly found the body from the card, holding the sword, politely opened his mouth, revealing the smile of the rash, using A familiar voice said:
  ”Apo, grandma, guests have to go, don’t have to prepare a bed.” The
  voice fell, I don’t know how to do it, even the rain outside the window suddenly turned into a bleak shack between the forests of the forest. It’s drizzling.
  Suddenly I woke up and looked around. I found myself still sitting opposite Mishra. He was bathed under the dim light of the kerosene lamp, and his face was like a smile on the old K like a card.
  Looking at the cigars caught between the fingers, the long ash still has not fallen, I finally feel guilty, after a month, it is only a dream in two or three minutes. But in the short two or three minutes, both me and Mishra have clearly understood that I am no longer qualified to learn the magic of Hassan Gan. I shyly lowered my head, and for a while I couldn’t open my mouth.
  ”If you want to learn my magic, you must first abandon all your desires. This is repaired, you seem to be a little bit worse.”
  Misra showed a regretful look, arms around the tablecloth embroidered with safflower patterns I persuaded me calmly.