Problem sister

  My sister is not a little, but she has all the boring problems in the world. Don’t look at her sitting there, her eyes are bones, and once she is wrapped up, she is guaranteed to be endless.

  ”You said why do we have to wash dishes when we are full?” Usually her problems are not like problems, but don’t be fooled and fall into the trap.

  ”Of course you have to wash the dishes so that the dishes will be clean.”

  ”But we eat the first bowl of rice, and we don’t need to wash the dishes when we have the second bowl.”

  ”Of course, don’t wash.

  ”If we only have two bowls for lunch, then why should we wash it when we have a third bowl for dinner?”

  ”This, this… is because, um.” Well, now the problem is getting more and more out of hand. “Well, because the interval between the second bowl and the third bowl is too long, the time will be long, and the bacteria will grow out. After eating the bacteria, I will have a stomachache, so, hey, hehe…”

  As soon as she heard the bacteria, her eyes immediately flashed a glimmer of prey. “Why is it so long that bacteria will grow?”

  ”Because, the bacteria will be complicated…reproduction.” God, I accidentally said a proper noun. If your clothes are stuck with cowhide, you can still get rid of it; but once you are stuck by your sister, you are absolutely gray-faced. Her problems are all-encompassing. Not only do she have puzzle common sense, astronomy and geography, but also the philosophy of life. What is more troublesome is that she will also bring homework assignments to discuss with you. In case you can’t take it, guarantee that her high octave cry and tears will follow immediately…

  ”What is breeding?” It was true, it was glued up.

  ”Reproduction is to have children, like a mother to give birth to you, is to breed.”

  ”Then I will not breed?” Mom, what is the problem. I hesitated, and things must not go on like this…

  ”Brother, do you say that I will breed?”

  ”Yes.” I am bored, I really want to scream at the rogue!

  ”How do I breed?”

  But as soon as I remembered her tears and crying, I swallowed it again. “When you grow up.”

  “Do you mean that I will multiply automatically when I grow up, like bacteria?”

  At this time, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was about to scream, and suddenly I had a heart, and immediately grabbed my chest and prepared to die. In addition to dying, I have no choice.

  ”Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Obviously my idea came into effect.

  ”Don’t bother me, I am dying…”

  ”Brother, tell me first, will I automatically breed when I grow up.”

  ”Ah – goodbye,” I put out my eyes and flipped my tongue and stumbled on the bed. “I am dead.”

  My sister was shaking on me for a long time, a little bit stunned. Touching here, playing around, seems to be very understanding of my death. Not even crying, no noisy, very solemnly left the room. This is the first time I realized that it was so beautiful to die. When I was lucky, she suddenly came back again and asked:

  ”Brother, how long are you going to die?”

  God, I opened one eye and looked at her mischievously. “Please, let me die for an hour, can I?”

  ”But I won’t watch the clock.”

  ”It doesn’t matter, I will tell you when I get there.”

  ”So, do I want to cry?”

  ”No, no, you just have to be quiet.” I said that I was pretending to be dead, I hope she will go away quickly.

  She seems to respect my death, leaving the room to the living room to play the piano, playing a sad Etude.

  ”Brother, how long will you die?” She ran and asked.

  ”Forty minutes.”

  After playing a “Daily Sky Blue”, I ran again and asked: “How long will it still die?”

  ”thirty minutes.”

  When she ran to ask for the fifth time, it took fifteen minutes, but I couldn’t stand it and had to live. “Please, I am afraid of you, okay? You can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t ask questions anymore.”

  ”Then I want to eat ice cream.” She is obviously very proud of the victory she has won.

  ”Okay,” we ticked. “You can’t ask questions anymore.”

  We took the bus to Ximending to buy ice cream, and the sisters performed well along the way, no longer asking any questions. I was very proud, especially bought a large chocolate and vanilla cone for her.

  She licked the ice cream in a sip, revealing a satisfied look. I bet that in addition to seeing a dentist, the little troubles of our family have never been so quiet.

  When we got on the self-improvement bus and got ready to go home, the problem of small troubles came again: “Why is the self-improvement bus more expensive?”

  ”Because the self-improvement bus is an air-conditioned car.”

  ”But now there is no air-conditioning, why is it called an air-conditioned car?”

  ”Oh, hey, say yes, can’t ask questions again.”

  ”Oh.” She was a little disappointed. She lowered her head and licked her ice cream.

  When the younger sister ate the ice cream, she began to look around with great interest. From her bones, I know that she must have a boring question to ask. Looking at her poor appearance of Baba, I fell in love with her.

  ”Well, what is the problem this time?” In fact, asking questions is not a bad thing, I told myself.

  ”I want to go to my grandmother.”

  ”Grandma?” I was shocked.

  ”She has been dead for so long, I think we should go and call her up.” The younger sister asked, “Is it good? Brother.”

  God – I believe that I have found a big problem and a big trouble for myself.