What saved the great painter

  Medlu is a famous Italian painter in the mid-17th century. He spent a long time in his youth, only in a gallery in Venice who is a painter who imitates world famous paintings.

  Although Medluo has been painting since childhood, he has not made any progress in his efforts for a long time. He gradually lost the patience and courage to continue on the art road, so he made a fake or even fake various world famous paintings. Acting. Relatively speaking, the imitation is obviously easier. Although, it may be brought to court by famous painters from all over the country.

  One day, Medlu is replicating a world famous painting called “The Woman Who Lifts Water” in his gallery. This painting was painted by the Spanish painter Diego Velazquez three years ago. After learning the news, Medlu immediately thought that he should copy it early, and only then would he be able to get more income.

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Under the eaves, still don’t bow

  A gunshot rang, and the campus of Hopkins University, which had just finished class, suddenly fell into a panic. Professor James Franck was shocked and found that the students beside him were in a pool of blood.

  The 53-year-old professor immediately understood what was going on and immediately hid in a nearby classroom. The after-the-fact investigation confirmed his judgment: the other party’s assassination was not the student but the professor himself. The instigator behind the assassination is Hitler.

  The time was 1935, when Jewish Frank fled from Berlin two years ago. At that time, Professor Theodore Lessing, who fled to Czechoslovakia, was assassinated by Nazi thugs in Marienbad. Frank did not expect that they would cross the ocean to track here.

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Red sector

  I came to the grassland in September. It should be the verdant grassland of brown and yellow, which is the true color of the earth. Many herders woke up in the morning, and when they saw the window, the tears came down – the land is the same as winter, which is summer!

  I live in the Sumu (Community) Guest House. The watermelons, eggplants and cabbages planted in the yard are eye-catching, just like summer. Organic well in the yard.

  The first morning, I was woken up by the snoring. A woman swears: You are a stinky Wang San, stinking! Looking at the window, the women who cook are pointing at the sky, their faces are red, and the apron is used to wipe the foam on the corners of their mouths. Her name is Tian.

  Strange, in such a remote place, someone came to the commune in the early morning to sneak out? Maybe the thief stole the kitchen and ran off the wall.

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