What saved the great painter

  Medlu is a famous Italian painter in the mid-17th century. He spent a long time in his youth, only in a gallery in Venice who is a painter who imitates world famous paintings.

  Although Medluo has been painting since childhood, he has not made any progress in his efforts for a long time. He gradually lost the patience and courage to continue on the art road, so he made a fake or even fake various world famous paintings. Acting. Relatively speaking, the imitation is obviously easier. Although, it may be brought to court by famous painters from all over the country.

  One day, Medlu is replicating a world famous painting called “The Woman Who Lifts Water” in his gallery. This painting was painted by the Spanish painter Diego Velazquez three years ago. After learning the news, Medlu immediately thought that he should copy it early, and only then would he be able to get more income.

  Medluo carefully painted the prints. At this moment, a foreign tourist came in from outside the door, standing behind Medluo and watching him quietly. Venice is a beautiful city. There are many foreign businessmen or tourists coming here, and many people come in from the street to watch his paintings. Medlu has long been commonplace.

  “Do you need to buy a picture?” Medlu asked him.

  ”No! If I can, I hope to watch you paint!” said the foreign tourist.

  When Medlu draws the woman who drew the water in the painting, the foreign tourist said with a look of disappointment: “The bucket of water is very heavy, and the woman’s body should be more inclined! If you want Sell ​​a higher price, you have to tear it off and repaint!”

  Medlu felt that the foreign tourist had some reason, so he tore the painting and repainted it. This time, he bent the body of the woman in the painting, but the foreign tourists still seemed to be dissatisfied, frowning and said: “The woman is standing in the house, the color of the water should be deeper!” In order to sell better prices, you have to redraw!”

  Medlu was amazed at the ability of the foreign tourist to observe and appreciate, so he decided to repaint it. Three hours later, Medelu copied this world famous painting in full accordance with the proposal of the foreign tourist. It was almost a messy effect.

  ”Thank you very much for your comments. Now it looks like this painting is very good, it can certainly be sold at a good price!” Medlu said.

  ”Yes, I am very happy too! This is not too bad for my reputation and can bring you high profits!” said the foreign tourist.

  ”Your reputation?” Medlu said inexplicably, “It’s very presumptuous, but I have to ask, your name is…?”

  ”Diago Velazquez!” said the foreign tourist.

  What Medrow didn’t think was that the strangely picky visitor to the painting was actually the author of “The Woman Who Lifts Water” – Diego Vladimir, and what made him even more unexpected was Diego. · Vladimir Kashis turned to leave the gallery after he finished speaking, and Medluo asked in a strange way: “You are not going to let the court sanction me?”

  Diego Velazkas smiled and said: “Life is the soil of art. Although you are just copying art, I still don’t want to threaten your life because of art!”

  Diego’s rigorousness in art and tolerance for others made Medelu feel ashamed. From then on, he no longer imitated other people’s paintings, but spent more energy on real artistic creation and eventually became A famous painter from Spain!

  ”It is Diego’s tolerance that saved me! If he chooses to let me be sanctioned by law, then I will never achieve anything in art.” After many years, Medlu wrote such a passage in his autobiography.