More important than quality education

  When I was in Shanghai, I watched a few friends of my children, listened to my friends about the education of my children, and then observed the words and deeds of my children. I couldn’t help but worry about the future of the flowers of my motherland.

  The children of friends, one is five years old, one is four years old, and the older one is seven years old.

  Listening to friends talking about the status quo of children’s education, they all said that the current child can only raise one, and can’t afford it. It is a break to go to work now, and rest is to go to work. Three working days a week, three nights to send children to different classes of interest, Saturday and Sunday to bring children to various science parks, theme parks, exhibition halls, but also classes.

  The friend’s face is full of tiredness, always sleepy, and smiles and says that all the early childhood education courses that were lacking in childhood are filled.

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Do you have money?

  Sima Guang of the Song Dynasty was the minister of the country. Many people always visited him when they first entered the court. When he chats with each other, he often asks a question that is embarrassing. He asked: Is there money in your family? Is your spending enough? Do you have any money owed to others? And so on. After being asked, the people who came out felt very strange. I said that Sima Guang’s great minister, how to ask me if I have any small money, how can I ask this strange question. Later, everyone inquired, only to know what the reason is. The standard of Sima Guang is: Do you have money for this person, can you maintain your life, can you not fold for the five buckets of rice? After you have this skill with this money, he thinks you have an independent personality.

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Poverty and wealth

  When I was in elementary school in Taiwan, one of my classmates was a soldier. His father probably retired very early, so he did not receive too many long-term benefits and benefits. Later, he worked as a farmer and lived a very hard life. Although poor, his desk is always spotless, and the toilet floor is brightly reflective. Every time I went to eat at home, I was shocked by the old Shandong’s swell of Shandong, and his majestic appearance. And his child, my classmate, even though the old clothes have been washed white for a long time, they are always dressed neatly and meticulously. I have recently recalled my childhood memories and read the simple furnishings of his family. The windows are clear and honest, and I am very upbeat. This is what the ancients called “poor.”

  Poverty, that is, poverty and inferiority, and there is a self-respecting self-respect. This kind of person is poor and poor, but the dignity is there. It is not allowed to despise the half-point, not to eat the food, not to show people in a charming color. Anyone who sees him must still respect him. I was in Taiwan at an early age and I was an adult in Hong Kong. I have seen many such poor people, or ambitious vegetable farmers, or spirited iron workers. They are clear-cut, as if they are doing something important in the world.

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