Do you have money?

  Sima Guang of the Song Dynasty was the minister of the country. Many people always visited him when they first entered the court. When he chats with each other, he often asks a question that is embarrassing. He asked: Is there money in your family? Is your spending enough? Do you have any money owed to others? And so on. After being asked, the people who came out felt very strange. I said that Sima Guang’s great minister, how to ask me if I have any small money, how can I ask this strange question. Later, everyone inquired, only to know what the reason is. The standard of Sima Guang is: Do you have money for this person, can you maintain your life, can you not fold for the five buckets of rice? After you have this skill with this money, he thinks you have an independent personality.

  You can throw away the black hat at any time, and you can’t be an official for my principle. why? Because I don’t starve, I have the money to protect my freedom. Therefore, whether there is money to decide whether a person has a unique personality, this is a standard of Sima Guang.

  Franklin of the United States said a word, he said that the two empty pockets are not straight. why? Because you will ask for help.

  You said that I don’t ask for help. I said that I can’t say that I am willing. Well, your child has a cure for appendicitis. To save lives, you have no money. Do you want to ask someone for your child? In order to be a good man, you will ask for help in order to save the child.

  In the president of the United States, there are two presidents who are not paid. Why, Laozi has money, and Laozi is willing to serve the country with full obligation. One is Hoover and the other is Kennedy. Hoover’s wife speaks Chinese. In 1900, Hoover and his wife worked as engineers in Kailuan Coal Mine in China. He made a fortune at that time and earned $1 million in China. He said a word, the hardest thing to earn in life is the first one million.

  The window behind the car I used to drive was triangular. There are only two Cadillac cars in Taiwan with such triangular windows. This is the car I used to sit with the movie star wife Hu Yinmeng. There is no car now, and I am a bus sometimes. When I got on the bus, the car driver knew me, Master Li, how do you take the bus? I said, why can’t I take the bus?

  This is my civilianization, so we don’t care about this. If there is one, there is no. I said this and prove that we have a material basis for life. I just want to tell you that you need a little money to protect your loner, protect you from saying goodbye to your boss at any time, and don’t bend at the moment. You have to have a little bit of money, hide this money and protect your freedom.

  On this basis, you can say that my lifelong life is not full of food and warmth, even if I have higher and greater volunteers.