More important than quality education

  When I was in Shanghai, I watched a few friends of my children, listened to my friends about the education of my children, and then observed the words and deeds of my children. I couldn’t help but worry about the future of the flowers of my motherland.

  The children of friends, one is five years old, one is four years old, and the older one is seven years old.

  Listening to friends talking about the status quo of children’s education, they all said that the current child can only raise one, and can’t afford it. It is a break to go to work now, and rest is to go to work. Three working days a week, three nights to send children to different classes of interest, Saturday and Sunday to bring children to various science parks, theme parks, exhibition halls, but also classes.

  The friend’s face is full of tiredness, always sleepy, and smiles and says that all the early childhood education courses that were lacking in childhood are filled.

  ”I will play the piano now, and I will also take a calligraphy class. My wife is going to practice ballet. Every day, my music is Mozart Chopin.”

  ”My son is in English class. I have reviewed English in the middle school English primary school again and found that many basic words have been forgotten. Now I can read the words in the computer: This file does not exist”

  I am puzzled. The child is only five years old, two years of guzheng, one year of English study, two years of painting, one year of ballet, so many talents, what to do in the future?

  ”We will soon participate in the Olympic Math Competition!” Parents are also very proud.

  ”What are you doing?” I asked.

  ”Now I can’t learn it! Elementary school is now implementing a happy education, teachers are no matter. No homework, no pressure, go to school to sing and dance, dance and dance for a day. After the exam, the title is more difficult. Now the basic question Everyone tests a hundred percent, how do you distinguish who is tall and who is low? Look at the additional questions. The first grade children will test: ‘Two trains are moving in the opposite direction, one fly flies in the middle of the two cars, when the two cars meet, the flies How many kilometers do you want to fly back and forth? ‘Because the first grade, there is such a question, the teacher does not teach, only the outside Olympic class teaches, you don’t pay for it, your child can’t test others! We are parents, always Can’t ask the child to lose at the starting line.”

  ”Now the performance is not good, and it is versatile. At the evening party, the children will start to compete. The number of levels that can be tested is the same as that of the young pianist. The previous college entrance examination added points. They are all taking care of painting, music, and sports specialties. Now, what special talents are there? Only ‘extra short-lived students’. If you score no better, you will not be able to do anything, and you will be screened out by the school first. Where is the student? It is a test for parents. Our generation is unfortunate. In the past, the university had already been burned once, and now there are children, that is, eighteen years in prison, baked to two sides yellow.”

  ”My biggest wish now is that my child will go to college quickly, and I will be liberated. The child has already come out, it is impossible to plug it back. I just want to fast forward with the DVD, and I will get to the head quickly.”

  ”To raise a child, we have a rough calculation. In a place like Shanghai, the so-called middle class, to graduate from a university, it costs a total of 600,000.”

  Specific to the various expenses, listen to friends, kindergartens in good locations, each month is 1,500 yuan; all kinds of classes, to the low is estimated to be a thousand; children’s wear and tear each There are more than a thousand months to say, it is the level of food and clothing, not a well-off; toys, books and outings are at least five hundred yuan.

  My friend is sharpening his head and squeezing the school. When you meet, ask me, what is your father? I said it is a university. He actually said: “That is not used for a while. I am in urgent need of a primary school teacher. Children have to go to elementary school, a better school, the sponsorship fee is at least 50,000, excluding tuition and fees.”

  “Isn’t nine years of compulsory education? How to collect so much?”

  He laughed and said: “What are you talking about in Singapore? A good school in Shanghai, you can’t get into the money, not to mention compulsory education. There is a compulsory education, and no one is open to open the door. Everyone is welcome. Everyone I want to enter a prestigious school! My classmate’s children go to elementary school, XX primary school, do you know? Four thousand people signed up and enrolled 60. The school put forward the list of the top three hundred, the admission level is similar, in the case of the same hardware It is worse than the soft environment. The school publishes the sponsorship form, it is not hard to ask, how much do you fill in the sponsorship, and the price is high. When my classmate got the order, I couldn’t sleep for one night—it’s better to give a hard indicator and pay 50,000 at a time. 100,000; this soft indicator is too difficult to grasp. You don’t have to donate 200,000 to squeeze into the top 60! It’s just a mental torture.”

  ”Just primary school, as for?”

  ”Do not fight. Now competition, starting from the beginning. Entering the middle school depends on the primary school grades, see the primary school. There are direct promotion places in the famous schools, and there are many test indicators. I want to give the children the best environment. Now not only compete for primary school. Many kindergartens have pointed out which kindergartens are graduated. There is no room for further fights. It is necessary to specify the production hospitals in the future, and the children born in the hospitals are not allowed to enter. A few kindergartens. Haha!”

  The children’s parents are often influenced by the environment, and the children’s education is mentioned as a kind of comparison. What the children care about is not what the children have learned, but whether the children learn this is the most popular now, whether it is the most popular. The education of children is not so much an internal cultivation as an external exhibition.

  When the students met, they were busy calling the children to perform. This is the ballet, the one that plays the song, the gymnastics is all over the place; the parents are also in front of many adult faces, five-year-old children can add, subtract, multiply and divide, maybe they are themselves. There is too much pain in the effort, and it is not reconciled to show achievements. When the children’s excellent performances lead to a burst of admiration, the pride of the parents is beyond words.

  As a preschool teacher, I pay more attention to implicit education, which is basic education and humanized education. For example, every family knows how to educate their children to say hello and say thank you. But the details, the parents noticed?

  At the same table, when the dishes come up, the children stand on the bench and take the spoons. Parents are afraid that the children will not be able to reach them, and they will not be called, and they will naturally move the dishes to the children. I kindly reminded that the baby should learn to polite, let the adults move the chopsticks first; everyone should line up for dinner, and the dishes can be taken if you transfer to you. The child has never heard a similar word, and throws the spoon in the ground, smashes, and says with anger, I don’t eat it! Still twisted to go down the bench.

  Mother hugged and groaned, hey, we are small, we are hungry, aunt is so much bigger than us, let us! My eyes don’t look at me.

  I touched a soft nail.

  What kind of mother, what kind of child to bring out. Today’s young mothers, many of whom are the only children of the year, or the last generation of the young and old, have been favored at home, do not know how to be modest, it is even more difficult to teach the children of the three first.

  Quality education quality education, this is the policy I have heard most in Shanghai these days, and everyone is talking about it. The so-called quality here has already excluded the most basic respect for the elderly, the culture of courtesy, and the cultivation. In my opinion, in the era when all kinds of children’s training classes are flying, what the children lack is not the so-called quality education, but the bits and pieces of starting from me, starting from small things around, thinking of others, sharing and friendship. Therefore, more important than quality education is basic education.

  Before the children learn to run, the road must be stable.

  Before the child’s performance on the stage, the audience must learn to be subtle and convergent.

  People’s honesty and modesty, gentleness and harmony, are stronger than all piano painting gymnastics.

  A lot of qualities, in fact, do not need to spend a lot of money to cultivate, pay attention to every detail of life, you can create a polite child.