The poorest philanthropist

  A stranger like Stan Brock, it is difficult to find a second one in the world.

  The 74-year-old British man is an absolute poorest person: no income, no deposits, no cars, no houses, no wives and children, no hobbies. He has lived in the United States for decades, but he does not even have a US passport.

  He lives in an abandoned schoolhouse rented for $1 and sleeps on the floor—just a mat, and the food is basically vegetarian—“Oatmeal is oatmeal and fruit, dinner eats rice and beans”, he is on the phone. Speaking of it. He took a bath in the yard with a rubber hose that was watering the lawn. He still showered in the winter, but changed it indoors. His only companion is a stray dog ​​that was taken in by him 12 years ago and is now blind. The dog food is the same as what he ate.

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British One Two Three

  The American guy Bryson was stupid to travel to the UK, playing and playing. I felt that this place was quite good. I found a beautiful local girl to settle down. I lived for many years. In the past 20 years, Bryson has been in middle age, and suddenly thought of returning to his hometown, to return to the American home. Before leaving, I sighed and felt that I couldn’t be in the British Empire for so many years. I had to walk around and take a look around the island. I had to write a book and praise the British.

  Then there was a book called “Little Brietry”. In this book, Bryson spared no effort to praise, changed the way to please, and boasted the British, he wrote a lot of excellent The quality, so many people who read this book, hate to fly to the British Isles. The young man’s heart is swaying, and the big girl wants to make a difference. She knows that it is unrealistic, but she is looking forward to having an exotic encounter.

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Find the best job

  Last fall, I traveled on the West Coast of the United States, and the last trip was from San Francisco to Carmel. I am eager to see the convenience of the travel agency in the hotel lobby to recruit individual passengers, and then apply for a fee. The next morning, the sightseeing bus drove south on the US West Highway 1. I sat in the front row and chatted with the driver Parker, only to know that this ugly young man was a master of mechanical and electrical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He stayed in San Francisco after graduation. . Under the financial crisis, the employment in the United States was difficult. Parker went to work for a job, and finally entered the small travel agency. He was both a tour guide and a driver. He was also responsible for individual passengers and hotel reservations. He had no time to sleep, and he had no time to fall in love. . I asked him to do so many jobs, and the income is not high? Parker shook his head embarrassedly, and it took a long time to say: “Work is hard!”

  Yes, Work is hard! As the most basic social behavior of human beings, like sleep and breathing, work has become an integral part of life. Not only does personal value need to be reflected through work, but personal charisma and personal achievement can only be demonstrated through work. The traditional type of work is not complicated, and a “three hundred and sixty lines” can be covered. With the continuous division of social division of labor, the current work is more than “36,000 lines”! In this case, it is necessary to choose the work that suits you.

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Ford Latent

  More than 20 years ago, a paper square agreement put the Japanese economy into a 20-year recession and has not recovered. The United States, the leader of the Plaza Accord, has successfully opened up several positions in Japan with financial tools and high technology.

  Twenty-five years later, Toyota, Japan’s largest automaker, and Toyota, which has surpassed GM to become the world’s largest automaker, is caught in a “recall door”. According to media statistics, due to the pedal problem, Toyota’s current recall has exceeded the global sales of its 7.18 million units last year, which will cost about 13.5 billion yuan.

  When everyone is watching the excitement, think about these questions: Why is the public attention of the Toyota recall incident suddenly rising? Is the American car recall really less than Japan? The number and number of Ford recalls is much more than that of Toyota. Why is the US media not chasing Ford?

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