British One Two Three

  The American guy Bryson was stupid to travel to the UK, playing and playing. I felt that this place was quite good. I found a beautiful local girl to settle down. I lived for many years. In the past 20 years, Bryson has been in middle age, and suddenly thought of returning to his hometown, to return to the American home. Before leaving, I sighed and felt that I couldn’t be in the British Empire for so many years. I had to walk around and take a look around the island. I had to write a book and praise the British.

  Then there was a book called “Little Brietry”. In this book, Bryson spared no effort to praise, changed the way to please, and boasted the British, he wrote a lot of excellent The quality, so many people who read this book, hate to fly to the British Isles. The young man’s heart is swaying, and the big girl wants to make a difference. She knows that it is unrealistic, but she is looking forward to having an exotic encounter.

  In Bryson’s description of the excellent qualities of the British cockroach, I have at least three things to remember. First, the British are very easy to satisfy. In order to praise others, Bryson first suppressed and said that the British are easy to send, as long as there is something to eat, it is a food in front of them, always say good. As a United States who likes to enjoy material life, Bryson has not understood for a long time. British people who have always been gentleman-oriented, why life is always so low-key, why do not care about material life. Influenced by the British, Bryson found himself close to Zhu, and faced the very bad food one day, and he was also happy. He suddenly understood that sometimes life is not good or bad, the key is to see what kind of mood we use to treat.

  Second, by how to line up such small things, you can see the gentlemanliness of the British. Usually, the queue is definitely not happy, go to the bank to withdraw money, go to the train station to buy tickets, look at the long queue, the mood will become very bad. We are scowling, we are upset, and hate people who want to cut the team. In order to queuing, it is not uncommon to quarrel or even fight. Especially in the case of several teams with multiple windows, we are inevitably worried, and we are afraid that our team will be slower than others, and we are always worried about losing. When the British line up, they often smile on their faces. They can not only get used to it, they can treat it calmly, but they will also enjoy waiting. It is said that the multi-window that is gradually being implemented in China is only waiting for a long queue. It originated in the United Kingdom. We can wait there calmly and no longer have to worry about whether it will be the wrong team.

  The third thing I can remember is not a gentleman, a gentleman, a culture, or a culture. Identity is not a cultural premise. Education is not a cultural benchmark. In museums and exhibition halls, any seemingly ordinary Englishman can speak for a long time and can be very expert. For example, the most common people who know the encyclopedia are the TV programs like “Happy Dictionary”. It is not a university professor who wins big prizes, not knows about molecules and intellectuals. They are usually taxi drivers, or they are construction workers. .