Find the best job

  Last fall, I traveled on the West Coast of the United States, and the last trip was from San Francisco to Carmel. I am eager to see the convenience of the travel agency in the hotel lobby to recruit individual passengers, and then apply for a fee. The next morning, the sightseeing bus drove south on the US West Highway 1. I sat in the front row and chatted with the driver Parker, only to know that this ugly young man was a master of mechanical and electrical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He stayed in San Francisco after graduation. . Under the financial crisis, the employment in the United States was difficult. Parker went to work for a job, and finally entered the small travel agency. He was both a tour guide and a driver. He was also responsible for individual passengers and hotel reservations. He had no time to sleep, and he had no time to fall in love. . I asked him to do so many jobs, and the income is not high? Parker shook his head embarrassedly, and it took a long time to say: “Work is hard!”

  Yes, Work is hard! As the most basic social behavior of human beings, like sleep and breathing, work has become an integral part of life. Not only does personal value need to be reflected through work, but personal charisma and personal achievement can only be demonstrated through work. The traditional type of work is not complicated, and a “three hundred and sixty lines” can be covered. With the continuous division of social division of labor, the current work is more than “36,000 lines”! In this case, it is necessary to choose the work that suits you.

  In 2005, in order to find a job that suits her, American young Daniel Siddi, who just graduated from economics, embarked on a four-year job search. Daniel’s ideal is to enter a decent large company, engaged in professional-related technical work, but he has been interviewed for more than 40 consecutive times, have been rejected. The first job he got was a sports coach. He then worked as a border inspector, park patrolman, wedding preparer, hydrology researcher, and also as a show model, lumberjack, excavator and milkman, but not Which job can last for more than 50 days. In September 2009, Daniel suffered a car accident on the California coastal road and had to quit his 50th job, the warehouse clerk. Since then, Daniel has never gone out to find a job. He is trying to write his own bumpy job search experience into a book that other candidates can learn from.

  Of course, not everyone is like Daniel’s long-term rush to find a job because of the lack of ideal jobs. Some people get a big and bright iron rice bowl when they leave the school gate, but with the pursuit of freedom at the bottom of their hearts, Strong, quit his job and go on another path. Zhang Lin, who graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is an example of this. In 2005, he was assigned to an airline short-selling officer. This is an enviable job, well paid and high salary. However, he was sitting in an air-conditioned room, but his heart was always uneasy in the room, eager to live like an unfettered bird. Two years later, Zhang Lin finally resigned from this comfortable work and became a “full-time birdwatching guide”. He led the foreigners who came to China to watch birds to walk in tidal flats and wetlands all year round to trace the migratory birds. Due to years of contact with birds, Zhang Lin, now a “bird watching” has become an environmentalist who loves birds and protects birds.

  Due to the aura of environmental protection, many famous stars have claimed to be environmentalists, but the real people are very few – Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is a veritable environmental pioneer. After filming the awareness of protecting the natural landscape, Leonardo invested a lot of money and energy in environmental protection work, not only set up an animal protection fund, but also planted trees to compensate the earth for carbon. He does not buy private jets, does not use petrol cars, does not even eat fish, does not use plastic bags to shop, and was named one of the “50 important environmentalists who can save the planet” by the British “Guardian”.

  In fact, there is no distinction between high and low work, and what kind of work to choose depends entirely on the individual’s wishes. Former Microsoft executive John Wood, who served as director of Asia-Pacific affairs and director of regional development in China, but voluntarily gave up high salaries and turned to build libraries for children in poor countries. He has been working for more than a decade, and millions of poor children have benefited.

  As Parker, who is far away from San Francisco, said, the work itself is a hard thing! But at the same time, any kind of work has its fun and meaning. The job is actually to cultivate your own life. There are many ways to cultivate, the process is dripping, but the work is beautiful – when you walk silently, you are full of flowers.