Ford Latent

  More than 20 years ago, a paper square agreement put the Japanese economy into a 20-year recession and has not recovered. The United States, the leader of the Plaza Accord, has successfully opened up several positions in Japan with financial tools and high technology.

  Twenty-five years later, Toyota, Japan’s largest automaker, and Toyota, which has surpassed GM to become the world’s largest automaker, is caught in a “recall door”. According to media statistics, due to the pedal problem, Toyota’s current recall has exceeded the global sales of its 7.18 million units last year, which will cost about 13.5 billion yuan.

  When everyone is watching the excitement, think about these questions: Why is the public attention of the Toyota recall incident suddenly rising? Is the American car recall really less than Japan? The number and number of Ford recalls is much more than that of Toyota. Why is the US media not chasing Ford?

  Toyota really should pay for the quality of its products. The real story behind the Toyota recall is far from simple. Is this another plaza-style sniper battle?


  With the above questions, many of the events are dig deeper, and the truth will naturally be understood.

  Why is the US media chasing Toyota? Because Dimitus Biller, the former employee of Toyota Motor North America, is constantly providing exclusive media to the media. This is undoubtedly a bureau set by Ford, and Biller is the key to Ford’s reversal of the situation. In this game, there is a quiet “latent war” in front of it, followed by a “sniper war” that recruits the commandments.

  The first step in the latent battle, looking for people. Biller defended Ford’s big case in the High Court and quickly got a compliment from Ford and invited him to participate in the “Next Generation Lawyers Training Program.” This is Ford’s “Whampoa Military Academy”, which only looks for about 16 young lawyers in the United States every year.

  The second step is comprehensive training. Ford specially arranged for him for three months. The legal department at Ford’s global headquarters specializes in car-related laws and even engineering problems. And he studied all of Ford’s lawsuits from 1995 to 1997, telling Ford what characteristics of the plaintiff in the group litigation is easy to pick out the problem, what kind of best to avoid.

  The third step is to prepare for the lurking. Ford was really a veteran, so smart lawyer, Ford actually did not leave him in his legal department. After training, Ford asked him to return to his lawyer’s office and entrust him to the case. So what Toyota saw was that this person was a one-off for the Ford lawsuit, and he knew very well about all kinds of car accidents. So in 2003, Toyota hired Biller to join.

  The fourth step is to break into the inside and steal secrets. On the surface, Biller is quite responsible. In three years, he represented Toyota in 12 lawsuits, and each battle will win. In fact? Biller later admitted in his public statement that “when working for Toyota, he began to collect and found that data on 300 rollover accidents had been destroyed with the approval of Toyota America.”

  And the evidence he has obtained may be enough to make Toyota’s lawsuits in the past ten years. However, he is not eager to take advantage of Toyota. On the contrary, what impression does he give to Toyota? He has no core secrets and has been sealed by Toyota with a severance payment of $3.7 million.


  Toyota did not know that this was precisely the beginning of the sniper war. Successful snipers stress three elements, the first is timing, the second is timing, and the third is still the time.

  The first time is to paralyze the enemy and let the opponent relax and be alert, giving you enough time to observe and collect more of his weaknesses. Although Biller left Toyota in 2007, it was only two years later, on July 24, 2009, the 75-page indictment was submitted to the Central District Court of California.

  When are the cars in question produced? Mainly after Biller’s inauguration and resignation, what are the reasons? Because Biller told Toyota that Ford’s quality is so sloppy, it doesn’t matter if it is in the United States, as long as Toyota has such a good lawyer as Biller.

  The second opportunity is the most powerful time for yourself. Why did Ford not attack in 2008? Because the Ford reorganization was not completed at the time. Now, Ford’s two major US competitors have been hit hard by the economic crisis, and now only Toyota is blocking the road. So in 2009, Ford chose the best time to give Toyota a sniper ring.


  In July 2009, Biller initiated the lawsuit. The lawsuit itself is not an end in itself, but it blinds the head of Toyota and makes it innocent.

  In August, when Toyota was busy responding, Ford had quietly shifted its focus to the media. In August, the Lexus ES350 crash occurred in the United States, and the California Highway Patrol captains survived. Ford has also mobilized media public relations, the US media is overwhelmingly this news, and television is constantly rolling. Let the public feel that the captain was responsible for his life, and the family did not survive, showing how terrible the accident was. The only possible cause of the accident is the quality of the Toyota.

  On September 14, the California court began its first hearing, and Toyota’s full energy was put on the hearing. For the California crash, Toyota was still in paralysis and felt that it would be possible to settle by a lawyer, so he refused to apologize and refused to admit that his car had quality problems.

  However, Ford unblocked the US investigation department and opened a cold gun behind the scenes. The US Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come forward. It is not a formal investigation report, but a preliminary investigation report. Because of such a short period of time, it is impossible to complete the formal investigation. The preliminary investigation concluded that: “At the time of the accident, the floor mat stuck to the throttle, and the unreasonable throttle design may be the cause of the accident.” In other words, it is an unwarranted crime, the purpose is to suppress Toyota.

  On September 30th, Toyota thought that as long as he bowed his head and admits the mistake, he could calm down, so he announced the recall of 3.8 million “foot pad” cars. However, the problem of Toyota’s busyness has not yet arrived. The media’s sniper point has turned to other problems of Toyota. Even from the United States, it has swept to Japan, and the “Prius” operating Toyota’s domestic sales in Japan has the problem of brake failure. Honda cars with the same parts were also pulled in. At the most exaggerated time, eight of the ten articles in the Wall Street Journal’s Japan column were recalled.

  In November, the sniper point was transferred again. The American ABC TV station interviewed American auto safety experts on the 25th. They said that Toyota’s maintenance plan is a temporary solution, and the safety hazard of the brake system has not been completely eliminated. At the same time, the US Department of Transportation issued three consecutive news announcements, seriously concerned about Toyota’s problems. You know, there are only four such announcements in the month of November.

  In December, Toyota could not withstand the pressure and recalled 3.8 million vehicles. Soon the Americans began to spend their holidays on Christmas, and Toyota thought that they could finally escape. At this time, the United States has escalated the incident to the level of the trade war. In this way, the attack on Toyota is not just a matter for Ford, but for the entire US government.

  This is the third most important opportunity. The timing of the full involvement of the government – ​​the congressional investigation is just an investigation for investigation. Unfortunately, it seems that Toyota executives are still not in a state of mind when they come to Capitol Hill. They didn’t realize that they were being humiliated and still defended the series of accidents. In fact, this is a sign that Toyota has been stunned by the United States.

  The 9-hour hearing was designed by US lawmakers. This pre-set agenda is: listen to the victim’s complaint first, then listen to the big decision in Congress, and then ask a car expert to explain the technology, so that people think that the previous is correct.

  Of course, there are still many questions in their hearts. At this time, please ask Comrade Toyota Zhang to take the stage to accept your inquiries. In other words, the lawmakers snarled for a long time, and the more sharp they are, the more likely they are to make headlines on the evening news. People don’t listen to you apologizing. The hearing is just to hurt you, so people deliberately prepared a lot of meticulous engineering problems, you can’t lie, the only answer can only be – “I don’t know.” In this way, what the American people saw was a Toyoda man who did not know. In fact, this long-established hearing agenda is aimed at letting Toyota kill on the spot.

  More importantly, all the words at the hearing may be used by lawyers to sue Toyota. Waiting for Toyota Motor will be a wave of litigation in the mountains and tsunami.