Kindness is an infectious disease

  The friendliness of Singapore makes me fascinated. Really obsessed. I fell in love with this city because of her simplicity, even in a big city, but many people are as pure as they are from the mountains.

  When I first arrived in Singapore, I was unfamiliar with my life. Every time I asked for directions, the people I was asked could not wait to take me personally. Someone actually sent me to my destination. When you are alone, if you have difficulty, someone will take the initiative to help you without opening your mouth. When I was raining, I didn’t bring an umbrella. I was invited to play a few times together. The umbrella was not big, but the warmth was shared.

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Not lying

  Salesman Fernando passed a small town at dusk on Friday. Because he was penniless, he could not eat and eat. He had to go to the synagogue to find a deacon and asked him to recommend a family that provided rest and accommodation.

  The deacon checked the notebook and said: “This Friday, there are many poor people passing through the town. Every family is full of guests. The only exception is the Simmel family who opened a gold and silver shop, but he never accepts guests. ”

  ”He will definitely accept me.” Fernando said confidently. After that, he went to the Simmel family. After knocking on the door, he mysteriously pulled Simmel aside and took a heavy brick-sized bag from his coat pocket and whispered, “Where are you, how much is the size of the brick?”

  The owner of the gold and silver shop was bright, but at this time the Sabbath had arrived and he could not continue to talk about business. In order to make this business, he quickly saved Fernando from staying at home and talked about it tomorrow after sunset.

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Make yourself happy

  The foundation of life is also the foundation of morality. If we are empty because of hunger and poverty, then there is no moral foundation and information in our minds, in our hearts or in our feelings.

  Therefore, the first responsibility of people is to make themselves happy. A person who can make himself happy can make others happy; those who are truly happy also want to see happy people around themselves. Those who often complain, often attack, and often nitpick are actually people who are not really happy.

  Because the foundation of life is also the foundation of morality. Therefore, in the barbaric era, it is not considered to be immoral, and in the civilized era it will be considered immoral. The voice of each of us is not an independent voice, nor a cry that is swayed by the blue sky or a free voice that comes out in a magical way that happens naturally; it is only the echo of the screaming of the victim, and also a Insulting others and insulting the guilty echoes of their own people.

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Last year’s tree

  A tree and a bird are good friends. The birds sit on the branches and sing to the trees every day. The tree, listening to birds singing every day.

  As the days pass, the cold winter is coming. The bird must leave the tree and fly far and far away.

  The tree said to the bird: “Goodbye, birdie! Please come back next year and sing it to me.”

  The bird said: “Okay, I will definitely come back next year and sing to you. Please wait for me!” When the bird finished, he flew south.

  Spring is coming again. The snow in the wilderness and the forest has melted. The bird returned here and found her good friend tree.

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These are the love you gave me

  The potato chips bought when watching a movie are put in a fresh-keeping bag and kept dry for two days.

  Going to the flower street to buy the fragrant scorpion, watering the sun every day.

  The Polaroid photos taken together are carefully hidden in the album and expired after several decades.

  Then the memories that are made together are only how long I have kept them alone. . Will it expire?

  How big is the world, how wide is the world, and whether people live with the traces of love?

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