Kindness is an infectious disease

  The friendliness of Singapore makes me fascinated. Really obsessed. I fell in love with this city because of her simplicity, even in a big city, but many people are as pure as they are from the mountains.

  When I first arrived in Singapore, I was unfamiliar with my life. Every time I asked for directions, the people I was asked could not wait to take me personally. Someone actually sent me to my destination. When you are alone, if you have difficulty, someone will take the initiative to help you without opening your mouth. When I was raining, I didn’t bring an umbrella. I was invited to play a few times together. The umbrella was not big, but the warmth was shared.

  One afternoon, I went shopping. It was really the old rivers and lakes that would go the wrong way. I accidentally sat halfway. The orientation is probably known, but it is not easy to know where to stand. I ran up to ask the driver, the driver was waiting for the red light, and I was very enthusiastic to give me directions, saying that if you stand down, the road will go far. And specially opened the door to let me down, he repeatedly pointed it to me, until I got out of the car, I saw him pointing to me through the glass, my heart was moved!

  I have gotten a lot of help from local people here, and there are countless things to do.

  My Chinese medicine doctor, when I first met her, had been unhappy with the money. I found that she received 22 yuan for each consultation, and only 8 yuan for 10 yuan. When she asked her, she told me sincerely: “My medical treatment is to collect money. Some residents in the vicinity know that I know that they are in a bad situation. I will accept less, so that they will come to see if they are sick, otherwise They are not only bitter? The parents of the doctors, my father has taught me this way. Don’t care about the amount of money, the key is that everyone can afford it. In fact, I can’t even get the herbal medicine in many cases. I accept you reasonably. Because I estimate your income, I collect more of it, those rich people, if it works, I will ask them to donate money.” I felt very embarrassed when I heard it.

  Goodness, like a cold, is an infectious disease that spreads when it comes into contact. With gratitude, I began to pay attention to the world.