Last year’s tree

  A tree and a bird are good friends. The birds sit on the branches and sing to the trees every day. The tree, listening to birds singing every day.

  As the days pass, the cold winter is coming. The bird must leave the tree and fly far and far away.

  The tree said to the bird: “Goodbye, birdie! Please come back next year and sing it to me.”

  The bird said: “Okay, I will definitely come back next year and sing to you. Please wait for me!” When the bird finished, he flew south.

  Spring is coming again. The snow in the wilderness and the forest has melted. The bird returned here and found her good friend tree.

  However, what happened? The tree is gone, only the roots remain there.

  ”Where did the tree standing here go to where?” the bird asked Shugen.

  The roots replied: “The loggers cut him down with an axe and pulled it into the valley.”

  The birds flew into the valley.

  There is a big factory in the valley, and the sound of sawing wood “sand-” “sand-” rang. The bird landed on the gate of the factory. She asked the door and said, “Mr. Gate, where is my good friend tree, do you know?”

  The door replied: “Where is the tree, cut into thin strips in the factory, made a match, and sold it to the village over there.”

  The birds flew to the village.

  Sitting next to a kerosene lamp, a little girl was sitting. The bird asked the girl to say:

  ”Little girl, please tell me, do you know where the match is?”

  The little girl replied: “The match has been used up. However, the fire that the match ignited is still lit in this lamp.”

  The bird widened his eyes and stared at the lights for a moment.

  Then she sang the song she sang last year and gave it to the lights.

  After singing the song, the bird looked at the lights for a while and flew away.