Make yourself happy

  The foundation of life is also the foundation of morality. If we are empty because of hunger and poverty, then there is no moral foundation and information in our minds, in our hearts or in our feelings.

  Therefore, the first responsibility of people is to make themselves happy. A person who can make himself happy can make others happy; those who are truly happy also want to see happy people around themselves. Those who often complain, often attack, and often nitpick are actually people who are not really happy.

  Because the foundation of life is also the foundation of morality. Therefore, in the barbaric era, it is not considered to be immoral, and in the civilized era it will be considered immoral. The voice of each of us is not an independent voice, nor a cry that is swayed by the blue sky or a free voice that comes out in a magical way that happens naturally; it is only the echo of the screaming of the victim, and also a Insulting others and insulting the guilty echoes of their own people.

  Therefore, our desire to make ourselves happy should be in harmony with the desire of others to pursue happiness, and should not cause others to suffer unhappiness while making themselves happy.

  Our rights are our desire to pursue happiness as recognized by law.

  Our obligation is that we have to admit the desire of others to pursue happiness.