Not lying

  Salesman Fernando passed a small town at dusk on Friday. Because he was penniless, he could not eat and eat. He had to go to the synagogue to find a deacon and asked him to recommend a family that provided rest and accommodation.

  The deacon checked the notebook and said: “This Friday, there are many poor people passing through the town. Every family is full of guests. The only exception is the Simmel family who opened a gold and silver shop, but he never accepts guests. ”

  ”He will definitely accept me.” Fernando said confidently. After that, he went to the Simmel family. After knocking on the door, he mysteriously pulled Simmel aside and took a heavy brick-sized bag from his coat pocket and whispered, “Where are you, how much is the size of the brick?”

  The owner of the gold and silver shop was bright, but at this time the Sabbath had arrived and he could not continue to talk about business. In order to make this business, he quickly saved Fernando from staying at home and talked about it tomorrow after sunset.

  According to Jewish rules, every Friday from sunset to Saturday, these 24 hours are Sabbath, during which no work can be done. In addition, the unaccompanied passengers have the right to take care of the accommodation in the Jewish home of the passage during this period, because even the traveller does not go out on this day.

  Thus, throughout the Sabbath, Fernando received warm hospitality. When it was possible to do business on Saturday night, Simmel smiled and urged Fernando to take the “goods” out.

  Fernando said with amazement: “Which gold I have, I just want to ask how much the bricks are worth.”

  In this story, the salesperson’s “implicit” skill of the opponent’s deeds is brilliant. When he was not talking about business, he asked a question that seemed to be a business problem, and his face was mysterious, holding a small brick-sized bag, which caused the other party to “imagine” and felt that there was a customer. In addition, the other party is also eager to seek financial results, and the result can only be deceived, and wishful thinking of other people’s “just ask” as a business.

  ”Talmud” said: “Try not to lie; in special circumstances, you can not tell the truth.” This sentence seems to be somewhat contradictory, but smart people can grasp the measurement work well.