These are the love you gave me

  The potato chips bought when watching a movie are put in a fresh-keeping bag and kept dry for two days.

  Going to the flower street to buy the fragrant scorpion, watering the sun every day.

  The Polaroid photos taken together are carefully hidden in the album and expired after several decades.

  Then the memories that are made together are only how long I have kept them alone. . Will it expire?

  How big is the world, how wide is the world, and whether people live with the traces of love?

  I think I have to start a journey not to say goodbye or start a new life just to see the world outside.

  If the person you like doesn’t like you, then even if people all over the world like you, will you feel lonely?

  Every time I start, I can’t wait to love others. But when I’m really together, I forget to be careful and love. It’s easy to like someone.

  But it’s hard to cherish in the deepest part of my heart.

  Don’t go too slowly, the flowers will fade, don’t go too fast, the flowers are still not open.

  People in the city are looking for something to find a job to find a place to find a lover to find a memory to find a dream. Some are looking for another person and some are looking for themselves.

  Some people are looking for something but they can’t tell what they are looking for.

  Love and love are synonymous, but if you love a flower, water it for her, like a flower, take her off.

  In fact, everyone is very kind, ordinary people are also stupid, lonely, sometimes playing some little smart, I hope others are better, but lazy

  The so-called life is depends on who you meet

  The so-called happiness is always easier than the human eye. I feel that others are happy and feel pitiful.

  I always believe that I will know you when you appear.

  You should make something warmer than summer with young and like people.

  When a man likes a woman, he will say that you are mine.

  When a woman likes a man, she will say that I am yours.

  When I like you, I will say that I am your heart and you will say that you are mine.

  What have you left behind with those who have been stupid with me?

  Should I retire to find you or smile and turn firmly and become smart?

  The distance between me and the present me was filled with many small and trivial things. These are the love you gave me.

  I hope that when I get lost, there is a car in front that allows me to follow.

  When there is cold, there is a blanket with a charged blanket.

  When you are diarrhea, you are not far from home.

  When you are sleepy, you can sleep for a long time.

  I don’t know what to say, you will look at me gently, laughing at me.

  When you are lonely, you know that you are loving me.