Final dignity

  Mr. Ba Jin made a request when he was seriously ill in his later years, hoping to keep himself in the final dignity, not to insert so many pipes on his body, to waste so many valuable drugs, and to leave the world in peace and tranquility. Of course, for various reasons, this wish has not been fulfilled.

  Dignity is important to a person, and the final dignity is especially important.

  In the old days of China, if he wanted to kill the king, no matter how much he sinned, whether he was captured, overthrown, or forced to step down, it is customary to use the methods of beheading, squatting, and delaying. He can only drink poisonous wine. To death with white cockroaches, I have to leave him a whole body, not to be in a different position. This is the ultimate dignity for him, and his last privilege. However, there are exceptions. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Wu Zixuan avenged his father and his brother. After bringing the soldiers out of the Chu, the whip corpse Chuping Wang was to destroy his last dignity. This fainting monarch, who listened to the rumors before his death, took his daughter to be a wife, and indiscriminately killed loyal ministers, brazen and shameless. There is no dignity in living, and it is harder than walking dead.

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Apple tree at 61° north latitude

  It was a sunny and hazy afternoon. In a small village called Ulvik in western Norway, a man in a white shirt and a sunhat was trimming the branches of the fruit trees. Suddenly, he stopped and took out the paper and pen from his pocket and quickly wrote: “If one day / Tao Qian came to see me, I want / give him a look at my cherry and apple trees.” A white horse came over and gently licked his shoulder. He reached out and stroked the horse’s head and continued to write: “He is best to come in spring / when the fruit trees are blooming. Then / we sit down in the shade, Drink a glass of cider / I might show him a poem…”

  The farmer who dreamed of drinking a cup of cider with Tao Yuanming was the Norwegian poet Haug (1908-1994).

  Hauge was born in a famous fruit tree in Norway. People living here are working on the land all day long. The days are simple and simple. Haug’s life is the same as that of the folks. The only difference is that he likes to read and write poetry while he works. Others sold apples and used almost all their money to buy food. In addition to buying food, he bought some books. He called this “spiritual food.” “Mental” can’t touch and can’t see, do you still need “food”?

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Grass boy’s victory

  Those who worked together in the same year, many of them went to Beijing to be officials. These years when they meet the grass baby, they will say, “Hello, there are so many works left behind.”

  The 87-year-old grass baby sits in a chair next to the bed and wears a red and black sweater. The uniform pin-striped cotton jacket of East China Hospital is now on his lap.

  His wife, Sheng Tianmin, came in and helped him with his collar.

  ”I don’t know how to change clothes now.” Grass baby slowly said.

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