Apple tree at 61° north latitude

  It was a sunny and hazy afternoon. In a small village called Ulvik in western Norway, a man in a white shirt and a sunhat was trimming the branches of the fruit trees. Suddenly, he stopped and took out the paper and pen from his pocket and quickly wrote: “If one day / Tao Qian came to see me, I want / give him a look at my cherry and apple trees.” A white horse came over and gently licked his shoulder. He reached out and stroked the horse’s head and continued to write: “He is best to come in spring / when the fruit trees are blooming. Then / we sit down in the shade, Drink a glass of cider / I might show him a poem…”

  The farmer who dreamed of drinking a cup of cider with Tao Yuanming was the Norwegian poet Haug (1908-1994).

  Hauge was born in a famous fruit tree in Norway. People living here are working on the land all day long. The days are simple and simple. Haug’s life is the same as that of the folks. The only difference is that he likes to read and write poetry while he works. Others sold apples and used almost all their money to buy food. In addition to buying food, he bought some books. He called this “spiritual food.” “Mental” can’t touch and can’t see, do you still need “food”?

  His spirit seems to really need “food”. If he doesn’t “eat” one day, he will become slouched and he will not be able to raise his spirits. Where is the spiritual food? It is clearly a spiritual opium. In his home, these “opium” are placed everywhere, even in the wine cellar. However, the scent of the ink and the aroma of the wine are mixed together, and the taste is quite good. As long as he is free, he will pick up the food of this spirit – no, “opium”, greedily swallowed.

  These “opium” eventually turned into poems. His poems are simple and simple, just like this carefree rural life, in his own words, “just/several words, accidentally/stacked together.” Usually, when the tree is trimmed, the words will pop up from time to time. At this time, he stops, stacks them together, and then carefully puts the envelope into a fruit tree near the roadside. On the branch, when he trimmed a ridge of fruit trees, the letter was taken away by the postman.

  At first, these poems, like the falling dead leaves, did not attract anyone’s attention, but he was not discouraged. He still “folded the words” when pruning fruit trees. In his opinion, this is as interesting as pruning fruit trees. He is willing Always “pruning” down, even if those “trees” will not bloom for the rest of their lives, the result… One day, he drilled out of the fruit forest and saw a thick envelope hanging on the branch, which was sent by a magazine. There is a magazine that publishes his poems.

  The flowers bloomed and the fruit was covered with branches. Soon, he became a famous poet. He never thought of being famous, and he never thought that being famous would cause trouble for himself. Soon, a group of boys and girls came to Ulvik with his collection of poems, scared him to hurry into the fruit forest… even more troublesome were those who took long guns and short guns, and they sneaked into the village as soon as they entered the village. If you can’t find him, you will “shoulder” in front of the fruit trees. Sometimes a “squat” is a day, so that he can only climb out of the fruit forest in the dark. Even so, he was hit by their “cannon”, but fortunately he hid fast, only smashed half an ass. But I did not expect that the second half of the next day actually saw the newspaper.

  Although he didn’t want to see those avid young people, he didn’t want to see those who made him “ugly”, but he now wants to see someone in particular, that is Tao Qian – in the summer of 1962, Haug got a “Chinese poetry” by chance. “The simplicity, simplicity, and profoundness of Chinese ancient poetry deeply infected him. That summer became the happiest time of his life, because “you can fry the bacon / read Chinese ancient poems when you finish your work”; and his biggest dream is to meet Tao Yuanming under the apple tree at 61° north latitude. ……

  Haug never left his hometown in his life, but his spiritual tentacles have reached all corners of the world, and even crossed the millennium time and Tao Yuanming. Together with Tao Yuanming, Ulvik is not his peach blossom, in his long life. In his life, he never stopped thinking about reality, but he is also a kind of gentle explorer. He said, “Please don’t give me all the truth.” As long as “a line of shimmer, a drop of dew, a little bit” is enough. . Perhaps, what a poet can do is inherently “a little bit”.

  One day in 1994, when the first line of gleam appeared in the East and the first drop of dew evaporated, Hauge left the land he had lived for 86 years. After the news came out, people came from all directions – this time, he had nowhere to escape, and he could only lie quietly in the raft. After the simple funeral ceremony, a carriage pulled him to the cemetery. Many people have noticed that a white pony ran along the carriage and followed his mother and coffin.